Volume 1 Complete!

It’s been a bumpy ride, but Volume 1 is finally done! This couldn’t have been done without my editors Cthaeh and Daria, my ever-vigilant supervisor Whitesora and last but not least NanoDesu for being the imperial overlord of NanoDesu Translations XD I’d also like to thank my readers and the people that commented, I enjoy reading your comments.

I’ll be starting Volume 2 in a few weeks, when my exams are out of the way. For now, here’s the synopsis of the next volume:

It’s the height of summer in the floating academy city Canaan.

Masaki, Alice and Shirley are summoned to the headquarters of Breaker. There, Shirley is told by the chairman Suou that she’ll banned from using her Dialect because she broke the rules. Suou is well-known in the world of cake-making and is someone that Masaki had longed to meet. Around that time, Koori of the Supporters heard a certain rumour——that there was a cake that could make Dialect stronger.

Breaker will take action in order to check whether or not it’s true…! The curtain will be raised on the 2nd volume to the maximum level of the tea (Alice) and sweets (Shirley) superpower school battle!!


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7 thoughts on “Volume 1 Complete!

  1. First off, thanks for translating this series! It’s always good to have more light novels translated.

    As for my opinion of Volume 1, I personally enjoyed the initial world-building, as well as the personalities of the characters. All 3 have a good contrast with eachother. However I think that the author’s plot development was a little weak in my opinion, with the confrontation and climax being quite disjointed and sudden. The resolution, despite being so obvious, was satisfying, so that balanced out some of the negatives that happened just previously in the chapter lol.

    All in all, I believe it has potential, so I’ll definitely be following your future updates!

  2. I’m a big fan of fanlated novels, and I appreciate the effort for doing this but as of now I am reading via my iBook for mac, can you please guide as where to find ePub version of the novel? 🙂 Arigatou

    • Hi,

      Those will be slightly delayed, as we are still waiting for final edits to roll in for this volume. Only after we have input edits will we make the epub.


  3. Here’s my final impression of the first volume.
    A little taken aback by the lack of very detailed information and short replies like if it was a threatre script (I’m too used to LN like Mahouka and Horizon where you have your mind overloaded with information and one book seems endless).
    There are so many cliches that bored me to death (lovey-dovey childhood friend, stunning beauty that wants to partner up with the MC, MC so oblivious, etc…) and the foes were pretty much bidimensional (not really a fault when they are minor-characters, but…) for an anti-climatic conclusion.
    The whole story reminded me of Railgun’s “lv-upper” case, so I won’t really call this book “original”.
    Ever so, the most interesting thing about the novel is Masaki’s Rose Garden.
    Many had called it the “Unlimited Sweets Works” and it’s pretty novel when the MC have a “power that’s powerful”, yet it’s unsuitable in various way.
    Shirley’s Star Blast it’s the old-fashioned “pure power” while Alice’s “Wonder Carnival” it’s a let down when you think the minions you summon don’t have that much strengh (one hit and they vanish? i.e. griffon, ostrich)

    In summary, I won’t really trash this series, but it’s pretty dull and forgettable. I would give this novel 2/5, but Masaki’s power is interesting, so 3/5.

    • Yep, this volume reminded me so much of Railgun but it also felt very much like an introduction, since it teased several interesting things like the bomb and the people in the intermission. (Hopefully, we’ll get more information about it in future volumes.) I also agree that Chapter 5 could have been done better.

      Alice’s Dialect is actually my favourite since her fairies are quite funny even though they don’t last that long.

      I hope you stick around for Volume 2.^^

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