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Wind whistled through the classroom where Masaki stood, rooted in place by shock.

He listened to the sound of footsteps down the corridor.

People wearing protectors similar to bulletproof vests over their uniforms and dark green helmets were swarming into the many classrooms.

Leading them was a girl with short, evenly cut hair who had had a brave demeanor. At first Masaki thought she was a man due to her stern manner, but then he noticed that she was wearing a skirt.

She came across Masaki, then stared in wonder.

“Uh, who are you?”

“Ah… I’m a transfer student.”

“So that means you can’t give me your Ring Gear…”


“You’ll hear about it from a teacher later. Right now you need to be treated for that injury you got earlier.”

“I think I’m alright…”

“That isn’t possible! I saw you bleeding!”


He had thought that it was only a little scratch, but blood was oozing from his knee. His trousers were being dyed dark red.

When he noticed it, he started to feel a throbbing pain.

“Sit there. You’ll be taken care of immediately. Are there any other places where you’re hurt? Did you hit your head?”

She crouched on the floor beside him while talking to him and drew closer to him.

She was a girl with a strong-willed look.

Masaki checked himself.

“Let’s see… I think I hit my shoulder afterwards? My head seems fine.”

“Alright, your shoulder. Your name and class?”

“Kusunoki Masaki. I’m in the second year, but I haven’t been told which class I’m in yet. I was heading to the staff room.”

“It was really unlucky for you to meet Hell Cat on your first day.”


“The one who trashed this classroom.”

“Ah, she saved me.”

“It was luck! She made the ceiling collapse – that’s no joke! The wall was also destroyed! How many classrooms must she render unusable by carelessly wrecking the school… It’s unforgiveable!”

The girl bit her lip. She was obviously getting worked up.

“You, uh, like this school, right?”

“Huh? Yeah, of course. I hate the people who break the rules, so in order to protect this school I joined Breaker.”

“Ah, so you’re part of Breaker.”

“That’s right. But I’m a Supporter. The Supporters are the people who aren’t suited for capturing duty and whose levels aren’t very high; they do cleanup work, go on patrols, and act as backup for the vanguard members.”

“I see. Supporter work is important.”

“Exactly!” She nodded, delighted.

Masaki looked around the room. He saw people taking pictures of the surroundings and cleaning up the rubble.

There were around 20 people.

“You see, my level isn’t very high, but I’m good at emergency first aid, so there’s no need to worry!


Masaki, who still hadn’t gotten used to Dialect, felt that he could he rely on the girl due to her diligent speech and conduct rather than her level.

“That reminds me, I never told you my name, did I? I’m Koori of the second year class ZE.”

“Koori-san, is it?”

“Yeah. Now, since I’m going to treat you… take off your clothes so I can see your wound.”


“What’s wrong?”

“You want me to take off my clothes here? But you’re a girl, and…”

“Don’t be stupid. How is being modest going to help me treat your injury?”


He needed the first aid, so he started to undo his belt.

Koori blushed deeply. “That wasn’t what I meant! It’s your knee that’s hurt, so rolling up your pants is fine! I told you to take off your clothes because of your shoulder, so take off… Take off your shirt! Honestly!”

“Is that what you meant? Sorry about that.”

“Yeah. Er, my explanation wasn’t good enough, was it?”

Both of them blushed.

Masaki started to take off his shirt.

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