Chapter 3-1

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Koori received the information on the morning of the first Monday after the holidays.

Breaker held a regular meeting in the morning at the beginning of the week.

Participation wasn’t compulsory, and since it was limited to those volunteers who choose to attend, there were only a few people, even counting those from the Supporters.
There were about 10 people.

The large room was outfitted in tatami mats because of the advisor’s tastes. A large window displayed the latest information.

Anyone who had information that they wanted to share would raise their hand and announce it.

––Recently, the cleaning of the toilets has been inadequate.

The number of reports about fights has increased by 5% compared to last year.

Morning glories were planted in the neglected flowerbeds.

Somebody broke the vending machine.

Information like that was shared. They would go on patrol if there was time, and listen to the stories of their acquaintances.

It was straightforward, but there were no shortcuts when it came to maintaining public order.

Koori was worried about the information she’d heard from a student in Year 2 Class B.

“Ooi-san and her friends moved to Class A a few days ago, but they started acting strange towards the end of last week. They seemed absentminded. It’s bothering me since there was a similar story before…”

Since it wasn’t a clear case, Koori wasn’t sure whether or not she should announce it, but she was definitely worried about it.

“What about the case with our senior in Year 2 Class A?”

Upon being prompted, the girl who had reported it nodded.

Somebody helpfully displayed a picture of Ooi-san and her friends together with the senior who had been talked about a lot recently.

“What situation is that?”

Someone else asked a question.

The girl from Class B started to explain it in detail again.

“To start with, even when I accosted her, I didn’t get a proper answer and she was inattentive. I got the impression that no matter what happened, she would just keep on smiling thinly…could she have been in a trance?”

“It’s a possibility, but…if that was the case then the Ring Gear would have reacted, I think.”

“What if it was an APPD?”

“Ooi-san allowed me to scan her Ring Gear and I wasn’t able to find anything.”

“Well, if she used it there wouldn’t be any traces left behind.”

“Maybe there’s someone who it’s had a large effect on but is no longer here?”

“In the first place, we haven’t decided that it’s an APPD, have we?”

Everyone started exchanging opinions with each other.

The vice-chairman asked for silence for a while and stood up.

He combed his long glossy black hair upwards.

The shape of his legs extending from the skirt was beautiful.

Riichi Touya––he had a diligent and virtuous personality. He was good at paperwork, and although his Dialect was only Level 3, it had a wide range of uses and he also had the highest number of arrests in Alrescha.

A truly beautiful and capable person.

However, he wore women’s clothes.

“Whatever we say here won’t help anything! We should try to observe the state of Ooi and her friends as much as possible. Also, the reports of people in a trance-like state seem to be concentrated in the high level classes. Is there a meaning to that…there isn’t enough information to make a judgment. Let’s continue investigating this matter.”

Everyone in the committee nodded.

All of the time couldn’t be used on discussing just that subject. There were other problems occurring in Alrescha.

The senior and the girl who reported it sat down, and meeting moved on to the next topic.

Of course, Riichi Touya was excellent.

It was only the one characteristic that was a waste.

Within his circle of friends, there were people who said that was fine…but that was strange in its own right, Koori thought.

Nevertheless, why did that happen to Ooi-san and her friends? They seemed fine when she had talked to them last week.

She would go and see them once more––Koori decided that, then concentrated on the next topic.

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