Chapter 3-4

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Roads spread out radially around the Administrator tower at the center of the floating academy city Canaan.

A circular beltway was connected to the main roads stretching from the center, like a spiderweb.

The school bus that travelled down a single road jolted to a stop after about 15 minutes.

By Shirley’s guidance, they had finally arrived at a high class residential area where designer apartments were lined up.

It would probably take around three minutes to walk to the forest that surrounded the edge of the apartments.

It was a peaceful place far off from the station square and the central hustle and bustle.

“Does Clockheart-san live here?”


He gasped at the high class mansion.

He didn’t know whether they were real or not, but there were several surveillance cameras in the marble entrance. An AI receptionist controlled the automatic door.

Furthermore, there was a guard in front of the entrance, and when he bowed, Shirley greeted him with a “Good afternoon!”

Masaki also greeted him.

Shirley stood in front of the door and pushed the button on the intercom.

An electronic voice sounded out from the ceiling.

“Welcome back, Ojou-sama.”

Nowadays there were synthetic voices that were indistinguishable from human voices. But people would be unnerved if they heard the sound of a human voice coming from a wall, so the AI voice was intentionally given a crude, electronic voice.

“I’m home! I have a friend with me today.”

“Ah, good afternoon…”

“As you wish.”

Masaki finally realized.

“Hey, do you live here too Shirley?”

“That’s right. Didn’t I say so before?”

“You didn’t say that. You only said that we were going to Clockheart-san’ s home.”

As they went through the entrance, Shirley opened her mouth to say “Ah.”

“I didn’t say that I lived together with Alice as well did I.”

“It’s called a roomshare (1)”

“In the beginning, Alice lived here by herself. But when I leave that girl alone, she won’t go to school,
won’t eat, and only listens to music and goes to coffee shops.”

“Haha…it’s probably like that.”

His lukewarm words were detached from the world.

She had shown her feelings to Masaki and was finally able to have a conversation…even when he met her for the first time, he thought that the girl herself was the result of her Dialect.

He got onto the elevator with Shirley and went up to the top floor – the 30th floor.

“There are a lot of tall buildings in Canaan. I’ve had enough of getting onto elevators.”

“The land is small. I’ve already gotten used to it since there are elevators everywhere. Do you think the stairs are better?”

“I love elevators!”

“I see.”

She had a slightly disappointed look on her face.

Normally he would climb however many stairs there were, but since he had had a lot of trouble on the stairs today, he wanted to avoid them if he could.

When he got off the elevator on the top floor, the front door was immediately before his eyes.

It seemed like this floor was all Alice’s room. It made it seem like there was a single house on the top floor of the high-rise building rather than an apartment.

For Masaki, he was surprised to see an apartment block with a structure like this.

The AI recognized Shirley and released the lock on the door automatically.

“I’m coming in, I’m coming in, I’m coming in.”

“Please excuse me…”

This wasn’t the first time that he had visited Shirley’s home, but he hadn’t entered the room of another girl before.

Masaki was feeling more than a little nervous in what he thought was Alice’s room.

The entryway on the other side of thick, cobalt blue door was more like a lobby than an entryway.

A red and black checked carpet was spread out on the floor, and there were shoes on it.

Shirley went inside.


Masaki followed her hesitantly.

Although Shirley appeared to have calmed down on the bus ride there, it looked like the Partner Cancellation was still worrying her. She moved deeper inside at a quicker pace while calling out the name of her friend.

“Alice! We need to have a little talk!”

With those words, a milk-colored door with a piano like polish opened.

Behind it was a world of fairy tales.

The floor was black and white checked, two of the walls were red, another wall was black, and there was also a window. An image of a large cat laughing was on the curtain.

On the ceiling, there were twinkling stars in a night sky that looked like a planetarium.

There was a large bed and a dresser.

There was a blonde girl sitting in front of the mirror.

It seemed like she had just finished taking a bath and was holding a comb in her left hand.

A suspended-style hair dryer was floating in the air, applying a breeze to her hair.

“…You’re too noisy, Shirley. You’re always––”

She turned her face around and stiffened.

Over Shirley’s shoulder, Masaki’s eyes met with Alice’s.

She was definitely wearing panties, but she had nothing on top. She was practically in her birthday suit.

Her flowing blonde hair concealed her moderately sized breasts, leaving only a trace of roundness in her pure, snow-white skin.

It was as if she was a work of art and her navel was a sacred place.

There was a small mole on her side where her ribs floated to the surface.

She wore light blue knickers, and thin, well-proportioned legs that seemed like they would break if they were touched stretched down from her round bottom.


FGnAS01 P127

The girl’s figure didn’t move an inch, emphasizing her doll-like impression even more.

Masaki was also shock still.

The rest of his brain had frozen.

Shirley watched the two rigid figures.

“Huh, what’s wrong? Masaki? Alice? Are you there?”

She waved her hand around in the air.

Masaki regained his awareness slightly faster.

He hurriedly tore his eyes away from her and drew back to a place in the room where he couldn’t see her.

“I’m, I’m, I’m sorry!!”

The answer to his apologetic words were––

Alice’s shriek.

But, it was accompanied by the sound of something being destroyed.

The head of a horse appeared from the room.

After a little time passed he noticed chess pieces too.

Shirley flew back with a force that was like being hit by a car.


She was thrown against the wall of the corridor.

Masaki cried out reflexively.


“Don’t come!”

Masaki was stopped before he could rush over to get a better control of things.

He heard Alice’s scream from the room.


He heard the sound of a clock ticking.

Tick, tock, tick, tock…

He heard the creak of a door from somewhere.

The sound of trumpet going Puoooo~. Boisterous singing voices and lots of laughter gradually grew.

Wonder Carnival had finally turned up.

The knight who appeared first quickly disappeared among a succession of bishops, rooks and pawns jumping out from Alice’s room. The huge chess pieces were bigger than Masaki.

Shirley who had just been blown away stood up with a hand against the wall. She laughed fearlessly and held out her fist.

“Yooouuu, I’ll break you into pieces! With my fist! Staarr Blaast!!”

She threw her right fist that emitted a dazzling radiance.

The chess pieces were smashed!


She relentlessly crushed the Dialect fairies that were overflowing from Alice’s room without any mercy.

The shockwave spread out, causing the walls and floor to crack.

He cried out in a panic.

“Hey, hey, isn’t this dangerous!? The room is being reduced to nothing…!?”

“Of course! Calm down, Alice!”

“It is your fault! Shirley is so stupid!”

“What did you say!? The person that is stupid themself is calling me stupid!?”

It was just like a quarrel between children.

But, the damage being caused wasn’t normal.

“Wait, Shirley you should calm down too! In the first place, you’re also at fault since you didn’t knock…”


Shirley, who had knocked down tens of fantasy beings, groaned.

Masaki also called out to Alice.

“Clockheart-san, I’m sorry for coming without arranging it with you first! If I’m being a bother, I’ll go home since I don’t want you to be angry!”


At last, the fantasy fairies stopped overflowing from the room.

That was the quarrel between fierce children.

The situation had become very bad.

The walls and floor were crumbling.

It was a terrible scene that could only be accepted in the floating city where the users of Dialect were gathered together.

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(1) Sharing a flat


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