FGnAS01 Front Cover

FGnAS01 C1

FGnAS01 C2 - Typesetted

FGnAS01 C5 - Typesetted

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3 thoughts on “Illustrations

  1. The Cheshire Cat is ALWAYS creepy. I would start sprinting in the opposite direction if I saw him. But most likely since he’s not only bigger and a cat, he would not only catch me but enjoy doing so.

    • Did you notice that there’s a little mouse with a hat and a blazer on its head? I agree the cat is creepy but the ridiculousness of that is pretty funny.

      • Sorry, the cat drew most of my attention. However, now that I’m being more open-minded about the picture, I am noticing the cute army of crabs that are in front of the cat for no reason.

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