Chapter 1-3

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In morning HR––

There was another man taking the place of Hariya as the homeroom teacher of Year 2 Class A.

Ishounuma had also disappeared from the classroom. He was still in a coma, so it seemed like he was being treated as temporarily absent from school. He had used an APPD even though he knew it was illegal, and he had clearly intended to kill someone, so it was possible that he would drop out when he recovered.

There were rumors that said that if you were expelled from Canaan it would be the same as if you refused to enter, and you would be sent to another segregation institution.

The homeroom teacher said something unfamiliar.

“There will be a ‘substitution’ this month.”

When someone grade’s rose or fell dramatically, their class would be changed.

There were three new girls.

“I’m Ooi, it’s nice to meet you. I’m really nervous about entering Class A. I’ll try my best to keep up with everyone, I look forward to working with you.”

After that, the other two girls introduced themselves.

It seemed like they were good friends with each other.

The people already in Class A appeared to be shocked. Masaki didn’t understand why but…

Minamishima, who had been seated next to him since the class changed seats in July, said in a low voice.

“It’s only been three months since we started second year, so it’s unusual that three people substitute.”


“Yeah. It’s usually three to four people in one year. It’s because it’s hard to change your level that much.”

“I see.”

Minamishima had gotten involved with Ishounuma several times, but now there was no longer a cloud over her face so she looked cheerful.

And now, she lowered her voice a little to say.

“Since my evaluation score is bad, I was worried about whether or not I would be dropped into a lower class…I’m glad that I’m still here.”

“I see. For the ‘substitution’, have there been people that go to lower classes?”


When he looked around––

Ishounuma had three friends but those three seats had been replaced. It seemed like they were now part of lower classes.

The illegal APPD had the effect of making Dialect stronger. The three of them might have been using it. Or maybe they were punished for taking part in something illegal.

The reason was different from usual, but Masaki understood that an unusual number of people were substituted.
HR was over, so the morning classes began.

Even though the Globalizers were gathered on a floating island in the sky, most of the classes were the same as normal schools.

A succession of slightly boring lectures, memorizing textbooks and wanting to gain a little understanding.

Masaki knew a lot about cooking and tea, but he wasn’t as good at studying. He was mostly average.

Previously, he had thought that he should “do enough so that he wouldn’t fail,” but…since arriving at this school, he took his classes with as much enthusiasm as he could. He had a reason for doing so.

The last lesson in the morning wasn’t the general curriculum, it was a special curriculum for Globalizers.

In a special classroom on the 24th floor––

In front of a device that looked like something from an old game arcade, they earnestly did simple calculations and solved puzzle-like problems.

The most important thing wasn’t the results of the calculations or puzzles; it was the degree of concentration that the machine measured.

Dialect was thought of as “the phenomenon that occurred due to the concentration of the mind.” It was possible that the level could be increased by raising the ability to concentrate using a certain kind of training.

Of course, there were other elements as well; in the special curriculum, there were many divisions separated based on the type of the ability.

For example, Shirley had an “Emission Type” Dialect that shot something, so in order to strengthen her image she would watch things like shooting a gun.

Alice had an “Entity Type” Dialect which made things appear, so she would watch the creation of stuffed toys and clay work. Although, he hadn’t seen Alice in class.

In Masaki’s case, there wasn’t an example that was close to his power, so he was classified as “Special Type” and he could only do basic repetition.

He finished a puzzle game.

His concentration ability score was displayed on screen lined up with colorful panels.

“10,225 points.”

It never changed.


“Wow, that’s amazing!”


He turned around to see three girls.

It was Ooi and the others that had been promoted to Class A today.

“This is my first time seeing it go over 10,000 points.”

“Oh, ah…it seems like it’s rare. But Shirley gets about the same too.”

“What’s going on, did you call me?”

She came over right at that moment.

It was easy to see that Ooi and the other two girls were nervous.

On that subject, as part of Breaker, Alice and Shirley formed the team “Help Cat,” but since they caused a lot of damage, they had received the nickname “Hell Cat.”

It probably gave a scary impression.

But if they talked with each other they might realize that it was a misunderstanding.

“They were admiring the results of the puzzle I did, so I said that Shirley also got a score like that.”

“Hmm. But isn’t it fine for the number to differ between everyone?”

“You can’t help but compare scores, right.”

“Everyone likes competing with each other. But I think that you shouldn’t worry too much about what’s going on around you.”

Ooi looked puzzled.

“That’s what you think? I thought that a Level 7 would want to ‘get the highest grade’. “

“I don’t care about it. Masaki just awoke…Alice doesn’t go to class.”

“Alice said ‘It’s teatime,’ after second period. She still hasn’t returned, has she?”

It seemed like it was surprising for Ooi and the other girls.

“How did her grade rise!? As I thought, it must be some kind of special food or something!?”

Shirley looked worried.

“Food? I think the food that I eat is always delicious. Ah, I’m feeling hungry.”

Masaki nodded.

“Food is important… but I don’t think that it has anything to do with Dialect.”

“Nihaha, Alice doesn’t eat very much or go to class. But it seems like she’s still getting stronger. It doesn’t really matter.”

“Maybe that’s true. But I plan on taking classes seriously.”

“Hey Masaki, were you always the type that studied seriously?”

When he arrived at Canaan, he decided to take his classes enthusiastically. However, it didn’t mean that he wanted to raise his grade in particular.

“In Canaan, only the Level 7s have a high evaluation, are able to go to college without studying, and, if part of Breaker, can be exempted from classes, right? Since they get preferential treatment, other people think that they don’t have to be serious, it seems like they can behave egotistically because of their ability, doesn’t it.”

“And Alice?”

“Oh, no…well, in her case, since she openly behaves egotistically…I don’t think I can convert her no matter what I say.”

“Nihaha, I don’t think that she’ll change.”

“It can’t be helped. I shouldn’t force my way of thinking on other people around me.”

When he shrugged, Shirley laughed.

Ooi nodded with an earnest face.

“In other words, it’s important to be relaxed!”

“Huh? Well, I guess that’s true.”

The other two girls exchanged words with each other in a low voice.

“It’s amazing. We can talk with Level 7s.”


They got a little excited.

Somehow, Masaki felt a little embarrassed.

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