Chapter 5-3

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A large shadow fell onto the school building, blocking the setting sun.

It came around flapping its large wings. It had the upper body of a hawk and the lower body of a lion, a griffon!

It stopped by piercing its industrial machine like nails into the school building.

“At last, my turn has come! At last, yours truly has been used! Since I’m being dispatched for a rush job, if it’s troublesome leave it to me! Come, get on, get on quickly!”

“We’ll get on in a minute!”

Shirley jumped onto the griffon while carrying Alice in her arms.

“…Can you get on by yourself?”


Masaki promptly jumped onto the griffon.

At times like this, Shirley didn’t have to worry about Masaki. No-one else was likely to rely on Masaki, but she alone had faith in him.

Alice pointed in the direction that Hariya had escaped.

“…Follow him.”

The griffon kicked off from the wall of the school building. It spread its large wings and flew away into the sky.
“OK! Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet’s gooooooooooooooo~~~~~~~~~~~!!”
Hariya flew weaving his way in between the standing buildings like they were trees in a forest.

They chased after him with the Griffin flying at the speed of an arrow. It was fast but it was bigger too. It had no choice but to stop and go around the narrower spaces between the buildings.

“Aah!? He’s getting away! He’s getting away! Keep on going birdy!”

“…Can you get smaller?”

“Soon, very soon, I’ll reach… my limit, soon… *pant pant*…”

“Are you getting tired this early!?”

“Look, he’s going down!”

Masaki pointed.

Hariya could be seen heading towards the ground from the space between the buildings.

The next time he looked––

He was on the ground.

He was near Canaan’s Administrator Tower. In other words, he was approximately at the center of the floating academy city.

It would have taken 20 minutes to cross the distance by bus, but it hadn’t taken them even one minute.

Hariya let off shockwaves from his feet.

Pieces were scattered.

A hole was created.

And, it was all done in one move.

He smashed through the multiple sturdy foundations supporting the surface of the ground creating a hole. From there, he jumped.

Masaki pointed.

“Underground! He escaped underground!”

Shirley shouted and grabbed the feathers at the back of the griffon’s head.

“Birdy! Down there––!!”

“There’s still more to be done~~~!?”

The griffon eyed the hole that Hariya went through and nose-dived towards the ground.

Mixed with a scream, Masaki shouted.

“The hole is too small!”

“I’ve got it!”

Shirley released a flash towards the ground.

A thunderous roar broke out.

Right after that––

The griffon broke through the ground.

The explosion blocked his view.

And then the collapsed fragments of the foundation started to rain down.

Before he knew it, the hatted mice appeared and protected Alice from the flying fragments, then disappeared with a squeak.

Once again, Masaki didn’t think badly of her use of Wonder Carnival.

“Let’s see… if it’s cute and able to talk, you’ll use it as a shield, do they have much resistance?”

“…They’ll be back to normal on the next day.”

“Well, that’s right. It’s like an illusion.”

“…Actually, like Masaki, even I…”

He wasn’t able to catch the rest of her words.

As soon as they went down, they were attacked by a shockwave. Masaki and Shirley, who was holding Alice, jumped off from the Griffon.


Giving its last screams of death, the Griffon disappeared.

Masaki, Alice and Shirley checked that each other were safe.

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