Chapter 2-3

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Suou’s sharp look intensified.

“Is this your shop Belmondo?”

“Yes, that’s right Suou. This is the shop where I sell my cakes.”

It seemed like they were acquainted with each other.

However, he got the feeling that the relationship between them wasn’t good.

A wrinkle appeared in the middle of Suou’s forehead.

And Belmondo flashed a smile…it could be called a daring smile.

It was the kind of smile you wore when you were fighting someone.

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“Belmondo, you look the same as ever. An overconfident guy that’s like something that has been sprinkled with too much cinnamon.”

“No, I’ve changed. My cakes are extremely popular! It seems like you’re still a student.”

“I’m a third-year.”

“It’s a waste of time for a high-level Globalizer to go to school.”

“Did you start up this shop without going to school?”

“I want everyone to understand that I can make cakes that are more delicious than yours.”

“Delicious cakes, huh?”

Suou dropped his gaze onto his plate.

Masaki was dumbfounded by the sudden war of words that had just begun.

“Erm…are the both of you acquaintances?”

Belmondo nodded.

“We know each other very well. Since I’m a student at Alrescha…incidentally, I’m also a member of Breaker.”

“Ah, then are you my senior?”

“I guess so. Well, I don’t go to school anymore and I don’t plan on going back. Suou was my rival but he never acknowledged me.”

The person in question shrugged his shoulders.

“I thought it tasted ordinary so I’ll call it ordinary. I don’t think that it’s especially superior.”

“Hmm…if there’s nothing bad about it then you can say it’s perfect. Since you’re being half-hearted about it you should admit that I’m better than you.”

“No. I think the cakes that I make are more delicious.”

Belmondo ground his teeth when Suou declared that.

“You along with those guys in school refuse to recognize me. However, as you can see, this shop has gained immense popularity.”

“It does look like it is flourishing, doesn’t it.”

“Although your cakes might be delicious, Suou, in the end you’re only being complacent. You may be valued highly in contests by chance and admired by the people in school, but you’re just an amateur. I’m a pro who has a shop!”

“Are you really popular because of the taste?”

Suou’s voice was low and serious.

Belmondo only had a faint smile.

The surrounding customers were frowning and whispering to each other. From the look of things, it was obvious that Masaki and the others weren’t welcome here.

Alice got up from her seat.

“…I’m not fond of noisy places.”

“Ah, yes.”

Masaki also stood up.

Belmondo glanced at the plate. There was still some cake left.

“What is the meaning of this?”

“Ah, eh…well…”

Masaki was stumped as to how he should explain it.

He didn’t particularly want to start a fight.

“In other words, you two also think that Suou’s cakes are better, right?”

Alice skilfully looked down on him from a low height in order to treat him with contempt.

“…I haven’t eaten any of Suou Reiji’s sweets or cakes.”


“…If the taste is at this level then it’s not worth eating.”

“What, what did you say?”

“…Your cake is boring like a model street. It’s as if it’s a piano without any sound, no matter how much you polish it, it’s merely an ornament.”

Belmondo’s shoulders started shaking and his face reddened.

Masaki pushed Alice’s back.

“So-sorry! That’s enough, hey, Alice!”

“…I’m only advising you out of kindness.”

Suou also got up.

“Well, it’s just like my junior said. It may make more sense than just banging on a piano, but just following the recipe is boring.”

“You have no idea what an accurate and perfect thing is.”

Leaving Belmondo behind––Masaki and the others left their seats and descended the stairs.

People were still standing in a line on the first floor.

It still wasn’t the kind of atmosphere where you’d come to buy a cake.

They had a look of urgency on their faces.


He discovered Ooi and her friends in the line. The three of them were staring ahead with serious looking faces.

“The rumor that said that wishes will come true, huh…”

Come to think of it, Koori also said something like there was a rumor that it could increase your level.

“…What’s wrong Masaki-kun?”

“It’s nothing, I was just a little worried about something.”

Maybe Alice didn’t remember the faces of Ooi and her friends, or maybe she didn’t think that it was worth mentioning that she noticed them. Even so, she let the topic pass by.

They left the shop.

Masaki let out a sigh of relief.

“I feel really tired even though I only came to eat a cake.”

“…I want to remove this bad taste from my mouth.”

“I agree.”

Alice glanced fleetingly at Suou.

“…Did you plan on coming with us?”

“Hm? Ah, I see…am I interrupting your date?”

Alice was speechless.

Suou said in a bothered voice.

“Sorry about that.”

“…It’s…it’s not like that! Why did you say that!? That’s a stupid thing to say!”

Masaki scratched his head.

He wasn’t in a position to flat-out deny it.

“But going to a cake shop together after school does seem like a date, doesn’t it? But it isn’t like that. Me and Alice are just partners in Breaker.”

“I see.”

Suou nodded disinterestedly. Alice scowled at him from the side.


“Hm? What is it, junior?”

“…You should bake a cake at home, Suou Reiji.”

“Well, I felt like trying out a new flavor today.”

“I felt the same too.”

Masaki smiled wryly.

Alice pulled up her sleeves.

“…I feel like getting rid of the bad taste immediately.”

“Okay. But we’re not close to the station, and I don’t know this area very well.”

“…Isn’t it fine to use it at a time like this?”


Masaki unintentionally stepped back but Alice pinched one of his sleeves.

“…You don’t want to?”

“If we go there, the cakes that I made will appear and…is that, well…”

He unintentionally glanced at Suou.

He had a face that said he understood.

“Ah, it’s that strange Dialect, isn’t it. It makes tea and cakes appear.”

“Ye-yes. But it’s things that I’ve made…”

“Is it delicious?”

He was at a loss for a reply when Suou asked him that question again.

Alice nodded.

“…Of course.”

“No, well, I’ve still got some way to go…”

Suou grabbed Masaki’s shoulders.


“I’ll only say this once––I have a short temper.”


Masaki’s heart was beating very fast from nervousness.

He was surprised that Suou would have an interest in the cakes he made.

His knees trembled as the thought that he would be eating his cakes after this.

They left the main street and went to a park that was in-between the buildings. There wasn’t any playground equipment; it was a space used for events or as a place to get away. There were men and women chatting on the benches, students getting food and drinks from the vending machines and boys playing a game in a corner.

There was no one around.

It wasn’t an ability that could be hidden, but it also wasn’t very conspicuous.

He only needed to be able to concentrate for ten seconds. If he wasn’t stressed, the range was usually 10 meters. It wouldn’t be necessary for him to try his hardest to do 20 meters. Alice and Suou were right in front of him.

Masaki raised both of his hands like a conductor.


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