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A room in the network was displayed in a window.

It was a white and black checked room. The floor, ceiling and walls were all black and white.

A boy avatar and a woman avatar appeared in the room, joining the penguin avatar already in it.

Boy: Yo!

Pen: Cheese.

Lady: Good evening♪

Boy: How is the condition of the device that was sent?

Pen: It’s wonderful~. It’s operating normally.

Lady: Indecent…

Pen: What are you imagining!?

Boy: If it’s operating normally then that’s good!

Pen: I’m thankful~

Lady: If it’s operating that’s good but…I wonder if it’s having an effect?

Boy: What do you mean? An effect?

Pen: Of course there is~. It can clearly be seen. I’ll send the data. I’m encrypting it right now.

Boy: I’m looking forward to it!

Lady: So it’s doing well.

Pen: YES!

Lady: …How unpleasant…

Pen: Hey…

Boy: Hahaha…how is the Lady’s boyfriend?

Lady: I think he’s around Level 6 now.

Boy: It really grew!

Pen: There are more steps to take until he’s truly the strongest~

Lady: This is the video. And the data?

Pen: Ho

A small sub-window opened beside the window where the conversation was taking place, it was playing a video.

––“Project One”

There was a boy.

He had chocolate-brown hair that went down to his waist. His beautiful face and delicate limbs could easily cause people to mistake him for a girl.

Was he in a Dialect examination room?

That is to say, he was somewhere within a school building.

The examination machine rapidly shot fake bullets.

Normally he would be given protective clothing to wear, but the boy was only wearing a light jersey, leaving his arms and chest exposed. They might have been fake bullets, but it would hurt if they hit him.

He hit all of the bullets.

Pen: Wow…

Lady: After this, after this♪

All of the bullets were stopped right in front of the boy.

Then, as if the bullets had a will of their own, they turned around and flew towards the device that shot them.

To make a comparison, they were like bees.

They pierced the examination target from many directions.

Boy: Awesome!

Pen: Is this Level 6!?

Lady: It’s pretty good isn’t it♪

Pen: This should be enough, right?

Lady: …But in one hour he’ll corrode.

In the video, the beautiful boy’s skin started to crumble.

Boy: That’s intense!

Pen: Is this a horror movie?! Delete it!

Lady: Are there videos that I’ve disposed of? His head went splat. Did you want to see it?

Pen: I really don’t want to see it!

Boy: I’d rather not see it too!

Lady: But it’s fun.

Boy: Everyone should to their best! I’ll also do my best!

Lady: Are you serious…about the usual plan?

Boy: For now!

Pen: But I don’t think that we need such a large device~. We should be able to get results with my method.

Boy: Yeah, it’s possible!

Lady: Which one should we use?

Boy: I don’t mind as long as things run smoothly!

Pen: We don’t want things to get messed up like what happened with Robo.

Lady: …That guy also said it would be fine.

Boy: He did!

Pen: …

Pen: …

Pen: Ah, I’m feeling sleepy so that’s all for today.

Boy: Good night!

Lady: Have a good dream.

Pen: Good night.

The boy and the woman’s avatars waved their hand.

The penguin avatar disappeared from the room.

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