Chapter 1-2

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Within the elevator.

“Hey, is Suou Reiji famous because he’s strong?”

Shirley nodded at Masaki’s question.

“That’s right. In Canaan, the detailed number of his evaluation is the highest.”

“Huh? So does that mean he’s the strongest in the school then? You and Alice aren’t the strongest?”

“It’s said that all of the Level 7s are the strongest!”

“…That measure is worthless. My Wonder Carnival is absolutely the strongest, there’s no point in comparing it to anything else.”

Alice’s confidence in herself was the same as ever.

Although Masaki had no doubt that she was strong, Masaki was curious.

“What does Suou Reiji’s Dialect do?”

“It’s fast! It feels like whoosh, thud, bya.”

“Ah, I see.”

He didn’t quite understand Shirley’s explanation.

“Do you think that he’s stronger than you?”

“Hmm, I wonder? I don’t know since I haven’t fought against him.”

Could his ability only be determined in a fight? Her Dialect was also strong in quite a crazy way. Assuming that it was similar, then it must have been considerable.

Alice glanced at the display that showed which floor the elevator was on.

“…In a fight between Globalizers, the compatibility and situation are important. It’s hard to change that fact, that is to say, I think that might be the main factor that enhances the evaluation of Suou’s Dialect.”

“Ah, I see.”

“…This is a question from me to Masaki-kun. It seems like you knew Suou from before.”

“Yes, three years ago, I knew Suou-senpai.”


Alice silently urged him to continue.

“It’s not like I have a reason to hide it. I picked up a certain cookery magazine. In a French confectionary contest, Suou-senpai, who was a middle school student then, was chosen to receive the highest award.”

“…I see…if it’s him, he probably would have done something like that.”

“Because of his wonderful skill, he was urged to go to a famous overseas cookery school. However, when it was discovered that he was a Globalizer he was transferred to Canaan.”

The news was small, but Masaki was shocked.

He had become his fan and wanted to be like him.

Alice gave a small sigh.

“…Globalizers have a high ability to concentrate. In the world of arts and sports, there are lots of people who are talented.”

“It seems like that.”

“…However, when it’s confirmed that you have Dialect, everything you’ve achieved until that point is treated as if you cheated.”

“I think I understand.”

For example, ever since they were children, Shirley hadn’t lost in fights even against stronger adults.

She might have been using her Dialect unconsciously––Masaki thought.

Since there were virtually no rules in fights, he couldn’t judge her but…in the world of sports and arts, it might be judged as unfair.

Nonetheless, the existence of that supernatural power might have no connection to that person’s will.

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