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“Shit! That bastard!”

He pounded the elevator wall with his fist.

It tingled with pain but his anger wasn’t satisfied.

Belmondo tore at his blue hair and ground his teeth.

That one humiliating memory.

Suou indifferently looked down on the cake he was proud of.

When he recalled Suou’s face, Belmondo started to boil with anger.

He was cool.

He was recognized in the world of cookery.

Moreover, the level of his Dialect was the highest.

“Don’t mess with me!”

The attitude of the two people that were with him irritated Belmondo.

He had heard of Alice Clockheart’s name even after he stopped going to school. She was the owner of a ridiculously strong Dialect, yet she had an awful personality. Now she had entered Breaker but was probably the worst rule-breaker.

And what about Kusunoki Masaki?

He had obtained some information about him.

“Shit! They’re looking down on my work!”

The elevator door opened.

He walked down the passage then touched the panel on the iron door.

When he was identified, the triple lock made a heavy sound as it released.

Then he was in a cake factory.

Furthermore, it wasn’t for normal cakes. There was a special device that was for the special plum cake.

There were robots in cook’s outfits operating in there. Their faces were like mannequins, but their eyelids and lips didn’t move.

Their joints were spheres and they had no skin.

In this age, it was possible to make robots that were indistinguishable from humans, but it was prohibited by law.

There were robots like that in Café de Mancio’s cake factory.

Belmondo didn’t trust humans. That was because humans were imperfect and made mistakes.

Robots didn’t make mistakes and carried out their orders diligently.

That was why the robots were responsible for the important tasks, and the human staff were only entrusted to serve the customers and weren’t allowed to make the cakes.

“My cakes are exact and have no mistakes; they’re perfect…if a human doesn’t appreciate it then there is something wrong with them…that must be it.”

There was no one around to answer Belmondo as he muttered.

The robots silently produced the special plum cake.

He called out to the leader of the robots. It was the only robot that wore a chef’s hat.

“Hey, show me the response data.”


It was possible for robots to speak like humans. But since there were a lot of people who found it eerie, there were many machines that were only given a synthetic-sounding voice, but…

The robot that Belmondo developed had been given a perfect voice.

“Master Belmondo, this is the latest data.”

He gazed at the lines of numbers.

“The sales?”


“What? Did it fall from last month?”

“The number of repeat customers has increased, but now that the rumor has finished spreading, the trend of new customers has declined––“

“I don’t care about the reason! Everyone must want my cakes!”

“This is inexcusable.”

“Hey, increase the concentration! Not the rumors, increase the effects so that it’s more pronounced.”

Belmondo wiped the sweat off his forehead.

He understood the risk himself.

But he had to accept the risk for the sake of his goal.

The robot nodded.

“Certainly…in that case, the possibility of exposure will increase. Wouldn’t it be necessary to consult with your co-workers?”


He hesitated for a moment.

But right now, no matter what was said, the anger burning in the pit of his stomach wouldn’t be satisfied.

“It’s not necessary! I’m the owner of this shop! That guy is just my collaborator, not my boss. I’m the one who decides everything!”

“Yes. Master Belmondo is the decision maker. In that case, how will the ingredients be procured?”

“Huh? Is it all gone already?”

“More ingredients will be necessary in order to maintain the production levels.”

“That’s right.”

Belmondo opened up a window and browsed a list.

The faces of the regular customers and their profiles were in the list.

“These people seemed to have risen to Class A. Soon they will reach the limit of their growth. It’s not time to harvest, is it? It seems like it’s getting closer every day.”

“Is the three of them fine?”

“Yes, in this case we should get all of them. It will become troublesome later if we leave out one of them.”

“Certainly…these people will do as ingredients.”

Ooi and her friends were displayed in the floating window.

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