Chapter 3-2

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Lunch break––

Koori was heading to Class A.

It was hard to go to other classes. Not to mention that, since she was in Class ZE, she got the terrible feeling of being out of place in Class A.

As she was hesitating in front of the classroom, someone called out to her from behind.

“What are you doing, junior?”

“Oh, chairman!? Why did you come here?”

“Reluctance” seemed to be written all over Suou-senpai’s face.

“Riichi huh…when you look at the situation, it’s troublesome. It’s hard for other people to enter when it comes to Year 2 Class A, and the registered members of Breaker there are unreliable.”

“But I think Kusunoki-kun would be perfect for it.”

The other two wouldn’t be suitable for investigating it…destruction, destruction, destruction seemed to be their strong point.

“Hmph, since he hasn’t achieved anything yet he won’t place confidence in him. Riichi is that kind of guy. I think that’s right. He doesn’t have enough experience.”

“I see.”

“Well…if you’re worried about it, come with me.”


Koori followed Suou-senpai into the classroom.

The students of Year 2 Class A shifted their attention to them to see what was happening.

She was glad that she didn’t have to go in by herself––she thought from the bottom of her heart.

Kusunoki-kun was nowhere to be seen. As well as Clockheart-san and Sakurazaka-san. Come to think of it, they usually had their lunch on the viewing floor.

They looked around for Ooi-san and her friends.

They found them immediately.

They looked as if they were completely different people from how they were a few days ago.

They went to the girl who was sitting in her seat dazedly. She took the bread from on top of her desk and slowly tried to open it as if she was half-asleep.

She didn’t react to Suou-senpai standing in front of her desk.



She finally looked at them.

No, it wasn’t clear whether or not she was actually seeing them.

Koori became a little scared.

“Ooi-san…do you remember who I am?”


Although she nodded with a faint smile, did she really remember?

The last time they talked, Ooi-san had left her with a sharp remark. She must not have had a good impression of Koori.

––Even though she refused to cooperate at that time, maybe I should have tried to ask for more information.

A strong feeling of regret overwhelmed Koori.

Suou-senpai took out a small box from his pocket and opened the lid.

Inside was a flower-shaped biscuit. It was a thin langue de chat biscuit that was curled like a tulip.

It was colored a faint yellow and cocoa. The white chocolate was shaped like a calyx.

Koori almost voiced that it was really lovely.

He held it out to Ooi-san.

“Eat it.”


She took Suou-senpai’s biscuit.

She seemed unexcited and her movements were mechanical.

Originally, it would have been an enviable situation, but…the students of Class A seemed to have noticed that there was something off about her and so watched in silence instead.

Ooi-san chewed the biscuit.


“What’s wrong?”


It felt like Ooi-san had looked at Suou-senpai for a moment.

But she might have imagined it.

Ooi-san silently went back to opening the packet of her bread.

Suou-senpai put away the small box, then walked out of the classroom.

Koori hurried after him.

“Er, erm, Suou-senpai…do you know what happened?”

“It’s conclusive.”


“She isn’t normal. If she wasn’t diagnosed with an illness the then she must have been affected by an external factor. At the very least, an urgent investigation is needed. I doubt that it’s due to a Dialect attack.”

“Ho-how could you tell!?”

Even a doctor wouldn’t be able to make a diagnosis like that.

With a serious face, Suou-senpai declared,

“She didn’t say that my biscuit was ‘delicious’ when she ate it.”


He had an awful lot of self-confidence.

Of course, a biscuit like that that he had made himself might be wonderful.

“Junior, do you like Breaker’s job? More than three square meals?”

“Heh? I like it, or should I say…I think that’s it important to make this school into a wonderful place…that’s my answer.”

“Dialect or some other ability isn’t necessary for investigating. Do you understand?”

“Do you mean that…intuition…is necessary?”


“That’s all that’s need to be confident!”

“Alright. I’ll leave this to you. If you find out something, make a report.”


The throbbing of her heart didn’t hold Koori back.

She had been nominated by the chairman for the first time.

He recognized that she was here even though she would have to overcome difficulties because of it. He had faith in her and left this task to her––that alone made her happy enough.

“I’ll do my best!”

“Yes…but don’t overdo it. For any dish, it’s important that the seasoning is moderate.”

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