So I guess everyone’s been wandering where I’ve been for the past couple of months and what’s happening with the project. I’ve been “busy” with a bunch of stuff (mainly Uni) so I haven’t had much time for translating recently. Also my motivation took a blow when I found out that the series is ending so quickly. The project isn’t dead, the powers that be won’t allow it to die~ Thus, the project will be finished some day…some day in 2017 by the latest.

Here’s a cute Alice GIF for you:


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6 thoughts on “Dead?

    • To add onto that, I was slightly confused because when the GIF is shrunk somewhat (like in the reader, since it’s not full size), the edges of the bottom half or so sorta flashes weirdly, like TV static every few seconds. That coupled with the title ‘Dead?’ made me feel very odd. Oh well, just my ramblings.

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