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The man wearing a white coat over a suit opened a window within the dark room, muttering something.

The clock sub-window increased in size. Light was reflected in his glasses.

“Ah… is it already time?”

He authorized the execution of the program task.

There was a space in a certain network.

It was strictly hidden by lots of security.

In that space, the character of the man in white robes was projected. It was a robot with a square face.

It wasn’t the type of robot was that was designed to be indistinguishable from a human, it’s stomach was wide like the design of something like old tin toy robot.

A character imitating the figure of a boy appeared in the immediate vicinity. He had blue hair, his head was super-deformed, and there was a pocket attached to his stomach.

“Yo, Doctor Robo.”

Another one, this time a woman appeared. Her head was also super-deformed. And her breasts and bottom were emphasized a lot in the same way.

“Good evening everyone ♪”

Next was a penguin. It didn’t even look like a human. Furthermore, it was floating cheerfully.


The white-robed man slid his finger along the window console.

A speech bubble appeared from the robot.

Good evening, good evening, long time no see.

In reality, the white-robed man had no expression, as if his face was frozen, but the robot in the network had a grinning expression. In the network, he was friendly.

Woman: “I haven’t received an email or call from my boyfriend today as well.”

Boy: “You’ll get one sooner or later!”

Pen: “…”

Boy: “Robo, I’ve been doing my best recently, haven’t I!”

Pen: “You’re attracting attention.”

Robo: “You think so? Since the research results have come out, this time I’ll make an announcement.”

Boy: “I’ll be looking forward to it!”

Pen: “I’m hungry…”

Boy: “I want to eat yakitori!”

Pen: “*shivers*”

Woman: “It’s not a little too conspicuous, is it? Robo-san.”

Pen: “…”

Boy: “Maybe it is!”

Robo: “For the sake of our objective, I think it can’t be helped.

Woman: “The resourceful Breaker is in that school building, right?”

Boy: “That’s bad!”

Pen: “*shivers*”

Robo: “Wahaha, it’s fine. In the first match, the high school student was strong, but he was also an idiot.”

Pen: “If it was an idiot, then I’m relieved~”

Boy: “If that’s it then it is fine, but be careful!”

Woman: “Please take care…”

Robo: “Understood.”

Woman: “If it is hindered…”

Robo: “Understood.”

Woman: “Your head will go splat~”

Pen: “…”

Boy: “I believe in Robo and everyone but, if someone gets us found out, the measures to deal with it can’t be helped!”

The white-robed man muttered, staring at the screen.

“Hmph, they’re underestimating me. Because of that, you won’t be able to reach the truth of the world. I’ve become a person who’s arrived at it. It will be fine for me to watch and guide mankind.”

Robo: “Thank you, everyone.”

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