Chapter 5-6

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Blood was dripping at his feet.

His leg felt like lead due to his wounds and fatigue.

The wall that isolated the Generator Plant had been mercilessly torn away.

He entered through the gap of the squashed door.


The robots stopped attacking once he had crossed the defense line so that they wouldn’t damage the facilities they were supposed to protect.

Masaki sunk onto the floor having used up all his strength.

He had slipped through the swarm of robots and finally arrived at the Generator Plant.

He was close to his limit.

For a moment, he was about to lose consciousness.

“! That’s no good! It still… still isn’t finished yet!”

He stood up.


All five of the individual walls were distorted. He went through the gap––

At last he was inside the Generator Plant.

The dazzling light made his eyes squint.

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