Chapter 5-8

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The world was rewritten.

The dangerous Generator Plant disappeared and an orange brick cottage could be seen in the distance.

The cold metallic color surrounding everything was no more; instead they were surrounded by a green flower bed with red, white and yellow roses in bloom.

A pleasant fragrance drifted softly in the air.

The breeze felt good.

The blue color seemed to fall out of the sky.

The gentle sunlight rained down.

This was Rose Garden.

And today, Masaki, Alice and Shirley weren’t the only people in the round plaza; there was another person.

Hariya ground his teeth.

“U-guh-ke… ridiculous!”

Masaki was pleased that he had been able to invoke his ability successfully.

“Phew, you don’t have to worry about damaging the floating academy city here.”

“Uuu… why!? According to the examination two weeks ago… your effective range should be ten meters”

“I don’t know a lot about Innate Fantasy (1) but… I don’t think that it’s unnatural.”

“It’s natural!?”

The expression on Hariya’s face twisted.

Masaki, who was now in a waiter’s outfit, adjusted his glasses with his fingertip.

“If I have a mysterious power, isn’t it natural that the moment for me to try it out, despite my inexperience, is the moment when I need to protect the people important to me?”

Since he doesn’t seem to be able to understand human hearts like that, he will just continue to start up terrible incidents like this, thought Masaki.

Shirley beat her fists together.

“If you’re here, it’s alright for you to use your full power!”

“…Of course.”

“Erm, hey, it would be nice if you don’t wreck everything too much… if it gets broken, I don’t know if it will be repaired or not.”

“…Fufu… there’s no need for you to worry, Masaki-kun.”


“…Shirley… you’re not allowed to go easy on him. Don’t worry, give your all.”

Simultaneously, there was a shout.


Her first shone pure white.

It cast light.

At the same time, she charged at Hariya.

The spear of dazzling light, dashed through the roses and pierced the cottage.


Masaki covered his eyes.

A quarter of the rose garden was demolished in an instant.

The shockwave that Hariya threw wasn’t a problem. Shirley charged and drove her first forward.

Hariya screamed.

“Guoooo! You don’t understand the magnificence of my study! This is surely the future for honest humans and the only way to save the Globalizers! Why can’t you see that the thing you smashed with your hand is the promised holy land!? The Fruit of Wisdom is the great wish that will protect everyone from the end that’s destined to be a calamity. There’s nothing else! This is the wish that was left behind for us!!”

FGnAS01 P263

“Didn’t you knooooooooooooow––––!!”

Shirley swung her right fist up from below and drove it into Hariya’s stomach.

Her opponent fainted in agony.

Then she lifted it up and swung it!

Hariya was blown away.

The white flash soared towards the sky.

Shirley punched up.

“Haaaaaa!!!! Whoever the bad guy is, whatever reason he has, we Help Cat won’t allow them to get away with it!!”

“…………But we’re under Partner Cancellation now.”


Shirley cried out in a sad voice and Alice gave a refreshing laugh.

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(1) – Innate Fantasy is the kanji that is normally associated with the furigana term Dialect. In this case, only the kanji is used, but it can be considered equivalent to Dialect.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 5-8

  1. I secretly hoped that he would be able to invite this guy to a different kind of world. Or that the rabbits would go all crazy on him.

    • My guess is that he can probably completely control the settings of his world but the thing that annoys me is that he is´nt testing the limits of his ability.If i had an ability i would fucking try it out and see what i can and can´t do

  2. Im still waoting for aloce to make jabberwok appear also why didnt the mc test the limits of his doalect i mean he couldve help them more if he knew what he can do and what he cant do with his dialect

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