Chapter 3-3

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As he was going up the stairs, he heard footsteps.

“You’re always really loud, hey.”

It was the elementary-school looking PE teacher and she was frowning.

“Ah, Micchan!”

“I told you to call me Midorikawa-sensei. It’s you again, Sakurazaka.”


“What are you doing here? Show me your Ring Gear record.”

“Su, sure!”

Shirley waved her left hand and the Ring Gear window opened.

Masaki gave an explanation to the waiting Midorikawa-sensei.

“Err, Sakurazaka-san helped me out…”

“I don’t need the testimony of a student. You could tell me in such a manner that’s convenient for yourself, or you could be protecting someone else. Whichever it is, I can’t trust your testimony. I’ll make a judgment from the record of the Ring Gear.”

“Is, is that so?”

Even so, Shirley hadn’t done anything bad.

Masaki drew back what he was going to say.

On the contrary, Midorikawa-sensei asked him.

“That reminds me, Kusunoki-kun. A Breaker registration request came from you a while ago, was it some kind of mistake?”


Midorikawa-sensei scratched her head, appearing troubled.

“I’ll only explain it to you once, I’m the advisor for Breaker. But it’s so dull.”

“Okay, I see.”

“Was the application a mistake? This is your first day here, right?”

“If there’s anything I can do to help, I’d like to do it.”

The teacher scrutinized him.

Shirley looked away from the window. She had a face that looked exactly like a kitten about to be fed.

“Really!? Masaki is going to join Breaker too!? Yay! Hey, hey, hey, you can be my partner––”


“Since I heard that you were coming, I knew that I wanted to do this together with you. Our compatibility has been perfect since we were kids, hasn’t it?”

“Well, I thought that too…”

They had managed to be successful with Shirley charging against their opponents and Masaki backing her up.

If he thought about it now, Shirley might have been so strong because she was unconsciously using her Dialect.

The girl who was smiling said “Ah,” then frowned.

“I, I, I’d…like to be a pair with Masaki but I already have a partner.”

It was just the thing that Masaki was waiting to hear.

Alice said they “separated” after that.

However, he couldn’t believe that Shirley was the type of person to break up a friendship.

He wanted to make sure of it.

“You didn’t work well with your partner?”

“Nihaha, we had a bit of an argument just now, but I made peace with her right after it. I can’t really leave her alone~”

“You can’t leave her alone? Did your partner leave you?”

“She didn’t. We’ve been partners since first year and we’ve had about 30 arguments and cancelled our partnership a lot, but despite that, I think that we need each other.”

Her shy-looking expression darkened.

“…Ah, but, why did this happen? The crystal disappeared…is there a glitch?”

Shirley stared at her Ring Gear looking puzzled.

I’m relieved––Masaki thought.

“Of course, Shirley is still the Shirley that I knew. You haven’t changed. You’re not the kind of person who would abandon a friend.”

“Nya? What? What are you saying?”

“Now that I’ve heard what you said, I can finally see the situation.”

In short––

“Stop that tedious conversation right now!”

Midorikawa-sensei approached Shirley with a wrinkled forehead.

Then grabbed hold of Shirley’s chest with both of her hands!



“Sakurazaka, explain why there’s a hole in the wall right now! Show me your Ring Gear records!”

“Nnauu, I, I get it Micchan-sensei! So, let go of my breasssts!”

“Hiding it is so damn useless! I can’t see your face when standing in front of you because these things are in the way. Don’t mess around with me!”

“Nyafuu, why are you getting angry? ”

“Show me~ Show me!”

“Iii, yeeessss!?”

Before his eyes, the shape of her soft and heavy breasts were being changed.

She played with them with her small hands, lifting them, pushing them and squeezing them.

She was only wearing her gym uniform, so you could see the swell of her chest more easily than in the blouse of her school uniform.

This person was tempting.

Masaki came to his senses and averted his eyes. He looked through the hole in the wall. As was often the case from the height of the twelfth floor, the view was obstructed by the neighboring buildings.

FGnAS01 P115

What was she going to say?

Yes, it was Shirley’s.


“Faan! Nhaa! Se, sensei! St…stop please, you’ll destroy my boobs!”



That’s not it!

Masaki shook his head left and right.

He drove the voice of Shirley going “haun, haun” out of his consciousness.

He was going to sort out the story––

Sakurazaka Shirley was a Level 7 Dialect user who was a member of Breaker.

The committee had a system where everyone had a partner. Shirley’s partner was Alice Clockheart. She was also Level 7.

It seemed that the name of their team was “Help Cat.”

In the morning, Alice drove away the wiry man that attacked Masaki. And, Shirley caught him. She had cast a flash of light that reached out into the sky.

When Ishounuma’s fireball was smashed, it was the same Dialect that made the hole in the wall.

“If that’s all, then you only have to say a few simple words, right.”


Shirley sank down onto the floor limply. Her strength was completely drained.

Tears were gathering in the corner of her eyes as she manipulated the window.

“Haa…haa…yes, I’ll send it to you.”

“Ge, do it in three seconds.”

It seemed like Shirley and the teacher had completed the first stage of their exchange.

Masaki checked whether or not she was still breathing heavily.

“Shirley, you had a fight with Clockheart-san, didn’t you?”

“Haa…uh huh? That’s right but…huh? Did I say Alice’s name?”

“No, there are various reasons.”

“Really? I want you to tell me so that I’ll know as well.”

“It’s difficult. Let’s see…to start with, I’m…somehow a Level 7.”

“Really? Of course. As expected of Masaki. And?”

It was a very indifferent reaction compared to Alice’s. She really thought that Levels were just a number.

“When she found out that I was a Level 7, Clockheart-san called out to me.”

Since he was in front of a teacher, he omitted the parts where he left the school building to go to a coffee shop and had a ride on the Orbit Ferris Wheel.

“Anyway, I made a contract with Clockheart-san and became her partner.”


Shirley tilted her head to the side slightly.

She looked like she didn’t understand what he just said.

“I’m sorry. At that time, I didn’t realize that you were paired with her. Or perhaps I should say that I didn’t know that it was a contract…”

It was as if the normally energetic Shirley was there in body, but not in spirit.

She was in a daze.

Did his voice reach her?


“Are you alright?”

“That’s…so the crystal!?”

Shirley lifted up her left hand to look at the Ring Gear.

It was a bangle with a rose-shaped relief. There had been a purple crystal on it before, but it was gone now.

Midorikawa-sensei checked the record that was displayed on the window.

“You, didn’t you have a fight this morning and do “Partner Cancellation”?”

“But the crystal hasn’t ever disappeared before!”

“That’s because Sakurazaka and Clockheart have never contracted with different partners. When you declare “Cancellation,” it only registers as “Possible Cancellation”; the procedure for officially cancelling partners is to contract with another partner, then the separation will be complete.”

“Huh…then…me and Alice…are really no longer partners?”

“It seems like Clockheart has contracted with Kusunoki––Oi, wasn’t anything recorded into Sakurazaka’s data? Where is the sound and video?”

Shirley whined, ignoring the teacher’s question.


“Shirley, calm down.”

“Uuu…the partnership with me is cancelled…and now Masaki is Alice’s partner…”

“Sorry. You shouldn’t have found out like this!”

“This feels really, uwaaaa!! Terrible!!!!”

It seemed like there were various feelings swirling around in her. Shirley collapsed onto the floor with a troubled look. She was like a child.


“Shirley, listen to me. Let’s have a good talk with Clockheart-san.”


“Judging from what I heard, I think that you’ve misunderstood each other. To start with, you should meet up with each other. Can you do it for your long-time partner? It’s important to have faith in her.”

“Ye, yeah…that’s right––”

Shirley got up from the floor.

Midorikawa-sensei trampled down on her butt.

“Foot break!”


Midorikawa-sensei’s small feet squashed Shirley’s butt over and over again. Supposedly, removing her shoes was adult-like.

“You, why wasn’t anything recorded?! Is the Ring Gear data wrong or something!?”

“Eh? I sent something off successively about thirty minutes ago.”

“Really? So what is this?”

“Ah~, stop stepping on my bum please, Micchan-sensei.”

That reminded Masaki of something.

“Ishounuma said that he did something so that the Ring Gear wouldn’t be able to record anything.”

“Oh? What is that?”

“Well, I don’t really understand but…”

“Ishounuma huh…I’ll have a little talk with him. It’s alright for you to go now. Get out now. Is there anything else you want from me?”

“Ah, yes!”

Shirley jumped up.

She quickly got away from Midorikawa-sensei who lifted her foot.

And went “Pon!”


Midorikawa-sensei tumbled down the stairs.

Masaki was shocked––the teacher turned around once in the air and made a magnificent landing like a circus performer.

“Sakurazaka, you bastard.”

“Goodbye Micchan! See you tomorrow––”

“You little, you! You better be careful when going home!!”


Those two had a peculiar way of communicating with each other.

But since they both smiled at each other, it must have been fine.

Shirley grasped Masaki’s arm.

“Let’s go back!”

“Yeah…ah, wait a minute! Are you going to change back into your uniform?”

“Ah, that’s right. Come to think of it, I left my bag in the classroom!”

Masaki and Shirley dropped by the changing room and classroom, then left the school building.

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  1. not really important, but,,,

    “I, I, I’d…like to be a pair with Kusunoki but I already have a partner.”

    isnt shirley supposed to call him masaki? and…

    “It seems like Clockheart has contracted with Masaki––Oi, wasn’t anything recorded into Sakurazaka’s data? Where is the sound and video?”

    the teacher call him kusunoki?
    o is it like that from the raw?

    all that aside thanks for the chapter,,,
    eagerly waiting for the next one…

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