Chapter 5-7

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In the middle was a metal box. Even if was slightly narrower than the tunnel, its width was still considerable.

The place that he immediately entered was a work space, deep inside were about six cylindrical power generators in a line. It looked something like a battery supply in a battery box, but one of the pipes was enough to supply a substantial amount of electric power.

There was a sloping aisle around that power generation equipment that was used for maintenance. Since they had to get around inside this vast facility, the workers used Turret Trucks.

There were pillars scattered around in the work space.

Since there lighting in every direction, it was quite bright, but it didn’t change the world of cold metal.

Moreover, a lot of the pillars were knocked down. The floors and walls were distorted in such a way that it seemed like a massive hammer had struck them repeatedly.

The battle was continuing.

The figures of Alice and the others were there. Now, the huge sea turtle was being used as a shield.

“…Preferably… should we blow up all the facilities?”

“Haa…haa… we can’t. Everyone will die.”

Shirley warned her.

Those two seemed to have that kind of relationship. Alice was smart but irrational, and Shirley didn’t understand difficult things but had common sense.

They were confronting the man with the white doctor’s coat––Hariya.

He had his back to the generator equipment.

“Kukuku…fuhahaha! Go on, try and do it! If you can do it, you should use that overpowered ability of yours!!”

He was practically uninjured.

Of course, Alice and Shirley were afraid of damaging the Generator Plant if they attacked him.

Masaki ran up to them.

Hariya was the first person to come to this place.

“Huh!? Yo-you why!?”

“You’re still a teacher! You’re holding everyone in the academy city hostage and trying to kill students in cold blood! You’ve put people into comas with your strange experiment!”

He ran while saying those words.

Alice looked back with a shocked expression on her face and Shirley smiled.

“…Masaki-kun, why did you come!?”

“Ah! Masaki! You finally came!”

It seemed like Alice had really thought that Masaki had returned to the school. She honestly didn’t have any faith in the partner that she chose herself. That was cruel.

And Shirley didn’t doubt that Masaki would come. She didn’t say anything while she was running, yet still believed in him, which was cruel.

In any case, it was cruel.

No matter what, he couldn’t leave those two alone.

“I’ll definitely help out!!”

Masaki ran.

The distance between him and Hariya was about 20 meters. His opponent’s face grimaced.

“Uuu… don’t come here!!”

He had the advantage because he had his back to the generator equipment.

If Masaki invited him to Rose Garden, that situation would be turned around.

“This is something that I can do…”

However, as a teacher, Hariya understood everything about Masaki’s Dialect. At this distance, he couldn’t do what he wanted to him.

“You’ll die… before you get any closer!!”

Hariya swung his right hand.

A shockwave was created. The tremors in the air were just like a wall.


Its range was wider than Masaki had expected. He had observed Hariya’s attack several times with the intention of grasping the range and width… its power had been increased drastically.

Maybe he used the application Fruit of Wisdom again while fighting here!?

Masaki realized his mistake.

––A human body wouldn’t be able to withstand the shockwave unless an ability was used!!



Someone jumped into his field of vision from the side.

It was Shirley.

The shockwave arrived.


Her body was blown away. Her hair was a mess and red splashes of blood fluttered around.

Masaki lost his footing.

“Ah!? Shir-Shirley!?”

Since she took the attack for him, Masaki hardly got hurt from it.

Alice rushed up, already too late.


Her breath was taken away.

Shirley had fallen and was lying face-down on the ground, red blood spreading out around her.

She wasn’t moving.

Alice’s lips trembled.

“…Is… is she… dead?”

“No way! Right, Shirley? Hey, you’re still alive, right!?”

Masaki got down on his knees next to Shirley. He took her hand. Her energy had completely disappeared and she looked frail.

His hand was wet with blood.

Hariya laughed out loudly.

“Kukuku…fuhahaha! Anyone can die… even a Level 7!”

Alice turned on her foot to face her opponent.

“…I’ll kill you… I don’t care about whatever happens around us… I’ll…”

It was a low sharp voice.

Her face had become pale and her fingertips were trembling. She was like a carnivorous animal that might throw herself at him at any time.

It wasn’t like the girl who was cool and composed, it was like she was another person.

Masaki raised his voice.


“…Don’t get in my way… I’ll…”

“She’s alive!”


Alice, whose mood was like a drawn bow string, stared in wonder.

Masaki laid Shirley on her back.

She was bleeding heavily from her side and her school uniform was dyed deep red.

But she was breathing.

In a fluster, Alice got down on her knees beside Shirley. She didn’t seem to mind that her blue dress got stained with blood.

“…Shirley? Shirley?”


“…Is she… alive?”

Shirley opened her eyes slightly at the sound of her name being called.

Her voice faintly escaped from her lips.

“It’s no good anymore.”

“…Stop saying stupid things.”

Alice supported Shirley’s head with both of her hands, raising it slightly.

Masaki grasped her hand tightly.

“Don’t give up! Hang on, Shirley. You’re the kind of person who doesn’t give up, right?”

There was no power remaining in the fingers that were wet with blood.

Shirley sighed.


“What is it?”

“I’m hungry…”

“Yo-you, your stomach has been injured!!”

“I want to eat a hamburger… ramen, curry, omurice, yakisoba… katsu curry.”

Would katsudon be fine instead? How much does she want to eat curry? Masaki nodded, putting up with it like he was the straight man in a comedy act.

“I’ve got it! I’ll let you eat anything you like! If you die here, you won’t be able to eat anymore delicious food right!?”

“Nooooo waaay!!!”

“…Stop messing around.”

Alice let go of the head that she was supporting with her hands.

It was only a small height but the back of Shirley’s head fell onto the ground.


Shirley rubbed her head.

Alice stood up.

“…You’re always messing around, Shirley… and you don’t finish things off.”


Shirley stood up while wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes.

Masaki supported her.

The bleeding was heavy and she might have been injured in other places in addition to her side. He actually wanted to let her rest but, in any case, she wouldn’t want to sit back.

That was her personality.

“We need to end it quickly.”

“Nihaha, that’s right! You know me really well! As expected of you, Masaki! Hey, when this is over, you’ll let me eat as mu~~~ch as I like, right!?”

“Okay, it’s a deal. I can make you whatever you like.”


Shirley formed a fist with the smile that filled her whole face.

Alice took playing cards out of her pocket.

“…Everything is in place… we only need to put on the finishing touches.”


Hariya’s face twisted.

“You lot don’t understand. You don’t understand anything. You’re as wretched as you are foolish.”

Am I about 20 meters away?

If the generator equipment wasn’t behind him, Shirley would be able to finish him off in one blow.

Masaki put his fist on his heart.

If he could concentrate, this distance would be enough to target Hariya with his ability.

However, he couldn’t fail.

Alice spread out several cards like a fan and brought them to her lips.

“…If it’s you, you can do it. Anyhow… it’s because you’re my partner.”


Her cheeks seemed to redden slightly. It seemed like she had retracted the “Partner Cancellation” from a while ago.

Shirley cried.

“Do it, Masaki!!”


Masaki focused.

With an angry look on his face Hariya, swept his right hand across aggressively. He Globalized a shockwave that gouged the surface of the ground while growling.

“Do it if you caaaaaaaaaan––!!”

Alice tossed a card in front of him.

“…If it’s a small fairy, it will be your victory. If it’s a large fairy, it will be our victory… Will your luck be greater than the King?”

“Kuha, little girl, who is the King?! You fool! You fool! I’ll make you disappear!!”

A shockwave drew close.

The fairy that Alice summoned––

It was a small man.

It was wearing a tuxedo and a hat, and was shorter than Alice. The fairy stared at the shockwave that was approaching right before him.


This fairy couldn’t be a shield.

Masaki was prepared for it to be blown away. At least it would protect Shirley who was hurt.

The small man screamed.

“Alright! Shooowtime!”

It threw the hat it was wearing.

Cards poured out from within it. Thousands and thousands. They jetted out, spreading out in front of him.

It was just like a wall.

The shockwave hit it.

Countless numbers of the cards were blown away by the wind and dispersed, but, their opponent’s attack didn’t reach Alice and the others.

Alice smoothed down her disheveled hair and muttered.

“…That’s a fine hat.”

“HAHAHA! That’s right! The Mad Hatter’s hat is always a fine hat––”

The small man disappeared before he finished speaking.

The preparations were completed.

It only needed to be put into operation.

Shirley nodded deeply.

Alice glanced at him from the side.

Masaki spread out his hands like an orchestra conductor.


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