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A lone boy entered a room labeled “Student Counseling.”

He was a man with a squareish face, short, evenly cut hair and a well built, muscular body. He had an intimidating look in his eyes as if he was scowling.

He was Ishounuma.

Even when Ishounuma’s eyes were focused on him, the man waiting in the guidance room didn’t falter at all.

The man wore round glasses and a white coat over a business suit.

“Hi, I’ve been waiting.”

“I was called by Midorikawa and she almost found out about the application.”

“I’m not here to talk about inessential things. But it was discussed in the staff meeting… well, if there isn’t any evidence, you can’t be punished.”

“I know that but…”

“Do you want to request something from me?”

The man’s voice was calm but Ishounuma was clearly agitated.

He used his sleeve to wipe the sweat off of his forehead despite the air-conditioning in the room working perfectly fine.

“If I get that thing from you, I would be able to stand at the top of Class A. But that self-important Clockheart and Sakurazaka are special.”


“And that bastard is Level 7!”

“Kusunoki-kun? His Dialect is very interesting. But the practical use of it is questionable… with such an influential thing–––”

“Then I can’t beat him!?”

“Did you get into a fight? I don’t care about that. It would probably be a complete victory if you used your ability, since your Dialect is suitable for battles.”

Ishounuma gulped.

He ground his teeth.

“That bastard is always with Sakurazaka. And sometimes he’s with Clockheart.”

“A trio of Level 7s, huh? This has become very interesting.”

“If I had more power…”

“If you had a powerful ability that could surpass Sakurazaka-kun’s? What would you do? Do you want that ability?”

Ishounuma glared at the man with abnormal-looking eyes.

“…I want it.”

“Kukuku… I’m not happy about the number of samples I’ve had so far. For the sake of a lost lamb, won’t you collaborate with me?”

“Bu-but, the money…”

“That’s fine. So far, I’ve been working with considerable research funds. I’ll let you have this free of charge.”

“Are you serious!?”

The man in the white coat waved his Ring Gear and a window opened.

He started up a calculator application and input numbers into several columns.

“Put your arm out.”


Ishounuma held out his arm in an excited state. There was a Ring Gear fitted with a snake relief.

The man in the white coat’s Ring Gear had a design of an apple with angel wings.

They touched.

A window opened up giving information about the immediate transfer of data.

“Kukuku… Taste it well, the Fruit of Wisdom that will lead you to the truth of the world.”

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2 thoughts on “Intermission

    • Well i wouldn’t call his drive lame, in fact it’s very human-like. Now then the price he pays will decide whether this novel is lame or not (recall that he may have tried to kill Masaki with his fireball before).

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