Chapter 1-4

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As soon as Shirley left Masaki, he started feeling a little lonely.

However, he was a student who transferred halfway through the school year, so it was natural for him to feel that way.

He silently walked up the stairs.

When he arrived at the 28th floor, he heard a loud voice.

“Hey, look! Ha… ha… did you see it!? That’s my power. What do you think now…I can still do it, right!? It’s useful, isn’t it? So… so… I’ll do more!”

It was a shrill, urgent voice.

Masaki heard another voice whispering, but he couldn’t understand what it said.

“…More… of course…”

“What!? That wasn’t what you said before!! Give it! Hand it over!”

It seemed like they were arguing.

The first voice was angry.

Masaki heard what they were saying from the end of the corridor.

Masaki didn’t want to get anywhere near trouble on the first day transferring to the school, but he thought that it would be a shame for him not to see what was happening despite the risk.

He couldn’t help but interfere if things got violent, and even if there wasn’t a problem it would only be a little detour. He should still have some time to spare.

Masaki left the staircase and entered the corridor.

His footsteps echoed in the silent corridor.

Since he was below the 30th floor, where there were only specials classrooms, and it was the morning, it was quiet.

Someone jumped through the open door of a classroom.

It was a thin, wiry young man.

He was alone.

But I heard him talking with someone else. Is there another person in the classroom?

The boy’s breath was ragged. His eyes were bloodshot; his face, pale.

“Y-you… did you hear anything!? What we just said! Hey! Why is there something I dislike here!?”

“No… when I was walking up the stairs, I heard…”

“Shit! Shit! Ah… I get it now! I’ll take care of it right away! So, I’ll – it’s fine since it’s a promise, right?”

He directed the last question to the inside of the classroom. As Masaki thought, someone must be there.

The boy glared at Masaki.


“…Erm… What’s going on?”

Masaki could tell that there was something unusual going on, so he kept his distance while talking with the boy.

The other person was about ten steps away.

“I just killed that person… by myself.”


“And now… you, too…”

“Wh-what are you talking about?”

“I’ll kill… everything… slice them up! I’ll… whatever it is… will be sliced up!!”

The man broke into a run.

“What’s going on?”

“Cut! Sliced up! I’ll… raaah! Slice and tear him up! “Noise Cut”!”

A whooshing sound followed the boy’s scream. It was the sound of something cutting through the air.

Masaki caught a glimpse of a glowing white afterimage as he ducked into another hallway.

It was circular and about one meter wide.

All of the windows, walls, and doors in the surroundings broke and crumbled down.

Masaki peeked around the corner and saw that the corridor had been transformed; the concrete walls and metal doors lay scattered on the floor in ruins.

It was a paranormal phenomenon.

“Wh-what is that!?”

Masaki jumped out of hiding.

It was dangerous to stay where he was.

Now that he’s shortened the distance between us, I’m close enough to confront him, but does he have a knife? Masaki thought as he found a new hiding place. There’s no way that he could swing an invisible knife and cut everything in the area! I can’t believe the doors and walls were completely destroyed.

It’s not something a normal human could do.

Masaki guessed that it had something to do with that thing called Dialect, even though he didn’t know anything about it.

That guy was completely insane and his actions were anything but normal.

“You… why haven’t you run off yet, huh?”

That guy is dangerous! I might be killed if I’m careless.

Masaki didn’t understand why, but the moment the boy shouted, the invisible knife attacked.

It was sharp enough to cut even iron and concrete.

Despite it being clear that the thin, wiry boy was the perpetrator, he was screaming like he was a victim.

“Gaaaaaah!! I can still use it! It’s useful! This much… this much… is strong! It’s strong! Gaaah!!”

“Give me a break!”

Masaki started running away. The wiry man chased after him.

Masaki saw a dead end further down the corridor.

He was cornered.

Masaki’s hand landed on a classroom door.

He placed both of his hands on the handle and forced it downward.

It opened!

Luckily, the door wasn’t locked.

He rushed inside.

The room was just like any other classroom. Desks and chairs were lined up in rows, and there was a large monitor instead of a blackboard at the front. It was a typical classroom with modern equipment.

The view from the window reminded him that he was on the 28th floor.

There was no escape.


“Haa, haa, haa… haa.”

The wiry boy appeared in the doorway of the classroom. His breathing much heavier than Masaki’s.

Masaki tried to use conversation to stall the boy.

“Wh-why are you doing this!?”

“Heeh… because you heard what we were saying!”

“Even though I heard you, I didn’t understand what you were saying… honestly.”

“You know! If I don’t kill you… I-I’ll be in trouble! I’ll show you. I can still cut! I can still use it!”

“….Ugh… is there nothing I can do?”

Masaki couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Instead, he tried analyzing his speech and behaviour. The boy’s actions seemed to have been provoked by someone else. Maybe that person was in the other classroom.

Even though the man had lost all sense of reason, his judgment seemed to be fine. He slowly came closer to drive him into a corner.

“Cut…cut…cut…I’ll cut…this guy too…one person…two people…anyone…”


Masaki also had Dialecte, but it wasn’t something that could be used in a fight.

What should I do?

The other guy reduced the distance between them so that Masaki was in the range of that mysterious power. The moment he shouted, Masaki would be cut along with the walls, windows, desks and chairs.

He didn’t hear any footsteps from the corridor, so it seemed like no one was coming to help him.

Would he be killed?

He started trembling.

Will I be killed?

The ceiling collapsed.

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