Chapter 1-1

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The first day at a new school, 7:22 a.m.

Masaki landed at Canaan, the floating academy city.

The moment he stepped through the automatic doors, leaving the air conditioned train lobby, he was assaulted by a blast of hot air.

“Jeez, it’s so hot…”

When he looked up at the sky, the sun was shining so brightly that he seemed to hear a dazzling sound. The clouds were closer than he’d ever seen them before.

“It is a floating city, after all.”

Canaan was a huge town floating 1000 meters above the sea. It covered an area of 24 square kilometres, which is about the size of one ward in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. The only way into the city was through the Air Train station.

In front of the main gate was a plaza with a water fountain. Further down the path were department stores, restaurants and recreational buildings. It was a busy and cheerful place.

The second floor was entirely composed of footpaths and plazas, while the ground floor was made up of roads for vehicles. The walkways and roadways were completely separated from each other, which was a rare, cutting-edge design in this era.

––A cool cup of iced tea would be great.

No, it’s nearly time.

Masaki resisted the temptation and, after enjoying the sights foundin the area in front of the station, started searching for the meeting place.

“Erm…was it a triangular monument?”

He couldn’t find it.

The person he was supposed to meet up with was his childhood friend.

Seven years ago, before she changed schools, they were in the same class in elementary school. They played together a lot.

The girl who was the best at climbing trees, the fastest swimmer, and would get into a fight with a boy without hesitation was now a high school student like him.

When he thought about how feminine she must have become, Masaki felt his face begin to turn red. He had complicated feelings about meeting up with his childhood friend again. How would he greet her?

Masaki heard the footsteps of someone running toward him.



His field of visionturned white. Something soft covered his face.

A cushion?

Big, soft, and round.

Masaki suddenly felt as though he had the weight of the world upon him.

Once he reined in his confusion, Masaki finally noticed that someone was hugging him tightly.

“I can’t…”

“Funyaa!! It’s the real one alright. It’s definitely the real Masaki!!”

“Too… tight…”

“This smell… I’ve missed it so much!”


“Huh? What’s wrong, Masaki? What ‘cha trying to say?”

“I’m gonna die…”


She finally released him from her arms just before he collapsed.

His face was released from the soft bulge that covered his mouth and nose.

Masaki took in a deep breath.

“The air here sure is delicious.”

“Ah, it is. It’s because the academy is above the sea and cars that emit exhaust are prohibited.”

FGnAS01 P009

“That wasn’t what I meant, but… Haha…I’m relieved that you haven’t changed more than I thought you would. It’s been a long time, Shirley.”

“Nihaha, long time no see, Masaki! I don’t think that there’s a single part of me that hasn’t changed, though. Look, there’s a variety of stuff that’s different, right?”

She stuck out her chest proudly, showing it off.

She wore a wide tie and a short-sleeved blouse with a thick collar, as well as a red-checked pleated skirt.It looked like a uniform.Her hair, which had been short when she was a child, now flowed down her back.Her eyelashes were long and her arms and legs were thin.

However, most noticeable was the bulge of her feminine chest, which had an overwhelming, voluminous feel that drew attention to her.

Masaki was shocked by just how much she had grown.

Was it because of her heritage?

Her name was Sakurazaka Shirley.It seemed her mother was an American.

“…Well, of course you’ve grown.”

“I know, right!? I’m 30 centimeters bigger now!”

“E-even if you tell me how much you’ve grown, I wouldn’t be able to tell.”

“Hmm, I’m 159 centimeters tall, I think. What about you? You’re taller than me now, aren’t you?”

Shirley reached out to pat Masaki’s head.

He realized that he had completely misunderstood her and involuntarily blushed.

“Ah, yeah, height, right! That’s right, we were talking about height, yeah.”


“My height–”

They continued talking as they walked to school together.Shirley told Masaki about the town that she had lived in for seven years.

This being the floating academic city Canaan, they quickly reached the school.

Masaki and Shirley faced one of the many huge school buildings in the town.

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