Novel Summary

One day, people awoke to find themselves with the superhuman ability called Dialect. They gathered in the academy city “Canaan” that was isolated from the general public – a futuristic town floating in the sky. Masaki is a high school student who has a peaceful hobby of making pastries and yet he was judged to have the peerless ability “Globaliser” so transferred schools. He meets up with his childhood friend Shirley along with the quiet and mysterious Alice. The two of them are the strongest “Breaker” pair who supervise the rule-breakers of the school regulations regarding the misuse of illusions…but they break up over a trivial argument. Furthermore, since Masaki has the power that’s called peerless, Alice chooses him as her new partner. The strongest! The unluckiest? Let’s raise the curtain on the maximum level tea and sweets superpower school battle!!

Fuyuu Gakuen Team Biographies

stellaravaTranslator – stellarroze

Yo, I’m stellarroze. I like lots of things, dislike some things and I’m meh to the rest. The end.
whitesoraavaSupervisor – Whitesora

“Who is Whitesora”, you ask? Just some random guy, from some random place. You know, like those useless secondary characters in games.”We want to know more”, you say? Sorry, but there is really nothing more, aside that I like LNs with a school/day-by-day setting; I also completely love Touhou.”There must be something else”? Maybe. Not much to tell the truth: I joined here as an editor with no experience, but I’ll do my best to become a veteran editor; it should be a secret to everybody, but I’m also working on an original LN (even though I’m still far from the end).
nyanko___sushi_cat_by_vivorino99-d4krq1e Editor – Axyraandas

I am the sushi of NanoDesu.
Fish is my Body and Vinegar is my Blood
I have created over one hundred meows,
Unknown to miso,
Nor known to wakame.
Have withstood irradiated cooking oil to become a sushi cat.
Yet, these paws will never hold a real cat.
So, as I Meow-
Unlimited Sushi Works

Cthaeh's avatar Editor – Cthaeh

Mostly harmless.

dariaavaEditor – Daria



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