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Thank you for reading “Fuyuu Gakuen no Alice and Shirley.”

I’m the author, Murasaki Yukiya.

As one of the launching series of Overlap Bunko, this publication made me nervous as well as happy.


This work is the story that takes place in the floating academy city Canaan.

A place where people have awoken to a special ability (mainly children who have yet to grow up) and live isolated from the rest of society.

Masaki who awoke to his abilities much later when compared to everyone else and was judged to have the highest level, but truthfully had the peaceful hobby of making sweets.

And Shirley, the girl who doesn’t concern herself about being fawned over and doesn’t try to attract attention, and the mysterious, self-styled “King of the World” girl Alice. This was the story of a reunion and the meeting of a boy and girls.

It will make me happy if you can enjoy it.


By the way, I don’t think I have favourite between Alice and Shirley. As the story advances, I think that will be settled somehow or another…

Or will there be a new character!?

It has that kind of feeling… I plan on continuing this series in a second volume. It’s fine for that to be revealed!

I’m anticipating this from Overlap Bunko.

I’ve been planning it thoroughly but I wanted to try and give a preliminary announcement of the next volume recklessly––

I think that everyone has noticed, but this time one person used her Dialect recklessly and is no longer a member of Breaker—Sakurazaka Shirley’s actions are brought into question by the higher-ups.

And someone appears who is getting closer to the Breaker Supporter Koori who laments over her low level…!?

There will be a change in the relationship between Masaki, Alice and Shirley. (That’s the plan.)


The people that I’d like to thank––

The illustrator Shirabi-sensei, thank you very much for these wonderful illustrations. Also for granting my rash demand of “Put the three of them onto a cool, fairy-tale like and lovely cover,” thank you very much.

Sugimoto Tomoyuki of NARTI;S, thank you very much for the stylish design.

Yoshimi Sakai who was in charge of the illustrations of the floating academy city Canaan that became the setting that expanded from my vision, thank you very much.

The main editor Igarashi allowed this volume to be published with no issues. It seemed like a long time, it seemed like a short time… I’m looking forward to continuing to work with you.

The editor-in-chief Nagata, thank you very much for giving me the important opportunity of being part of the label launch. From now on, I’ll keep on doing my best!

Everyone in the editing department of Overlap Bunko and everyone else involved. And the family and friends that supported me.

And finally, I give my utmost thanks to everyone who finished reading this.

Thank you.


If you don’t mind, I’d be happy to get your impressions. For Overlap Bunko, when you respond to the questionnaire, it seems like you’ll be able to access a limited site called the “Afterword’s Afterword,” for more details, see the offer page after the afterword.


And, there’s a simple questionnaire on the author’s site.

The URL is /.

I’m waiting for your opinions, thoughts and any additional comments that you’d like to make. Thank you for your help.

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4 thoughts on “Afterword

  1. “I think that everyone has noticed, but this time one person used her Dialect recklessly and is no longer a member of Breaker—Sakurazaka Shirley’s actions are brought into question by the higher-ups.”

    – Shirley is reckless in that she does not use her head much, but what else could she have done? Let such a hard to catch maniac loose? The situation degraded to what happened due to the lack of a plan and organization. The target is well know, and they should have data on his abilities, as well as foresee the possibility of an amplification of power, thus send a lot more people than a small squad to take care of the issue. People flying and floor breaking is nothing new in the city of Canaan. The target should not have escaped in the first place…

    Ofc, there is a chance that Shirley repeated ignored direct orders from Breakers HQ to withdraw. At which case Alice and Masaki would be in trouble as well.

    The higher ups has a lot more on their plates to worry about: someone has a loophole to their surveillance system and there may be more people with such amplification techniques which upsets the balance of power. Next thing you know someone unleashed a giant EMP within the city and it crashes right into the ocean…

  2. I think there’s a plot hole in the story.
    How can Shirley retain her job as Help Cat member if there’s this rule?

    “That’s not it! It’s not like that. I had just become a member of the school committee, and the rule is that everyone must have a partner!”

    Or being breaker members is different from being school committee members?

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