Epilogue – A Good Day for Drinking Tea

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On the next day––

The school was closed and the weather was good. It was as hot as ever outside.

Masaki had come to Alice and Shirley’s room again, as it had a state- of-the-art kitchen.

The girls were waiting for his dish at the counter table. Masaki was cooking.

“Even if it’s Shirley, isn’t that amount of food overdoing it?”

“I’m fine! I’m not a child anymore! Hurry up, hurry up!”

Shirley, who was talking in sing-song voice, had bandages wrapped around her neck, torso and limbs. There was a cast on her left arm.

Alice was concentrating on her tea.

“…One portion is fine for me.”

“That’s what I was going to give you. Alice eat the curry. Shirley is having a hamburger, curry, ramen, omurice, yakisoba, katsu curry… hey, isn’t that strange?”

After all, curry and katsu curry were similar dishes.

Alice was expressionless.

“…Strange? Are you talking about Shirley’s stomach? Or her brain?”

“No, there were two curries… well, it’s fine.”

“Masaki, Alice, you don’t understand! Curry and Katsu Curry are two different dishes!”

“…It seems like I will never understand for all eternity.”

For the time being, each portion was on the small side and ramen was provided as the appetizer soup.

It had become a strange set of dishes, as all of them were main courses.

Shirley picked up her chopsticks.


“Is it difficult for you to eat?”

“Nihaha, I’m fine, I’m fine!”

Shirley had a gash on her stomach, and her ribs and left hand were fractured. He didn’t know how many other small injuries she had.

It was because she took a direct hit from the shockwave.

She had protected Masaki.

The strength of Shirley’s Dialect was unrivalled when it came to attacking, but it was ineffective when it came to defense. The doctor said in wonder that the sturdiness of her body was the reason she survived.

She spent the night in intensive care but had already recovered enough to go back to everyday life. The scars also seemed to disappear a few days later.

“Nihaha! There’s no need for you to worry, I’m fine Masaki! I often get this injured, but since it’s the fingers of my left hand that are broken, it’s not too inconvenient. Ah, come to think of it, Alice is left-handed, right?”


“Eh, really? Yet you always use your right hand when eating?”

Even now, she was holding the tea cup with her right hand.

“…Because it’s table manners.”

“I see.”

Of course in restaurants, knives and forks were lined up on the right hand side, and in cafes the handle of the cup was turned to the right when placed on the table. It might have been a little unstylish to try to eat with your left hand.


“Ah, well you’re free to use your left hand if you want to.”

“………Hmph. It’s strange… Masaki-kun, have you ever seen me using my right hand freely?”

“I just got out of the bath before… Ah! No, I, I forgot.”


She glared at him and then Masaki went back to cooking.

The topic changed.

“This morning, did Midorikawa-sensei get in touch with you?”


“I didn’t really get what Harii-sensei said. *slurp**slurp*~~~”

“…Don’t make any noise while you’re eating.”

“Why? I’m slurping because it’s delicious.”

“…It’s bad manners.”

“Alice hasn’t tasted real ramen before!”

“…I’m not interested… as I thought, it seems like Hariya is unconscious now.”

“Yeah, it seemed like Ishounuma was too, maybe that’s what happens after that APPD is used.”

“Nyaha, that’s scary… *slurp**slurp*~~~”

“…It serves him right.”

He resisted agreeing with her.

“At least Hariya-sensei used it knowing what might happen to him. Ishounuma and the other guy might be victims… but they didn’t need to hurt innocent people––here’s the omurice.”

Masaki’s omurice wasn’t overcooked and was shaped into a perfect semi-circle with nothing drawn on it. It was a half-moon floating on a white circular plate.

Shirley waved her hands.

“It’s here!”

“Would you like ketchup? Or will you eat it plain?”

“Ah, I want you to draw a heart!”

“I didn’t do it like that but… well I might as well try.”

Since Masaki was the type that fussed more over the taste than the appearance, presentation honestly wasn’t his strong point but––

He was able to draw it surprisingly well since he was used to making cakes.

A heart on the omurice. And because there was some left over ketchup be wrote “Shirley” as well.

“How about this?”

“Wow!? In other words, does this mean ‘Masaki LOVES me’!?”

“No, it means ‘Shirley’s portion.’ ”

“I see.”

Alice stared at it when she caught a glance of it from the side.

“What’s up?”

“…Ah, no… well… I…”

“Huh? What is it?”

“…I… the… omu… no… it’s… nothing.”

“Does Alice also want an omurice like this?”


Her eyes glittered.

Her face was as expressionless as ever.

“I thought that it would be more delicious if you had the curry tomorrow, well since I’m making it right now, please wait for a bit. I brought plenty of ingredients. This apartment has a large fridge.”

“…Yes, I’ll wait.”

“No~, this is a long-awaited meal. It’s really fun.”

“…Hurry up.”

“So this is the latest kitchen system. It’s glittering like it’s new! I want to live in a place with a kitchen like this.”

“…Then you should live here, right?”


Masaki instantly turned around to face Alice.

She looked down and brought the teacup to her lips. This was the gesture she always used when she wanted to hide her expression.

Shirley raised her right hand which was holding a spoon.

“Yeah! Do you want live here too, Masaki!? This place is full of empty rooms!”

“……It is.”

“Ah, yeah, that’s right.”

“Even on days off, Breaker can be dispatched in an emergency. Since we’re a team, it’d probably be convenient if we live close to each other.”

“That’s true.”

“I’d be happy if I could eat delicious food like this every day!”

“Hahaha… so that’s your motive? Well, it doesn’t feel bad to have my cooking praised. I’ll think carefully about it.”

“Yeah, think, think!”

“…Good job, Shirley.”


They finished eating.

Although they had been on the small side, Shirley had eaten all five portions.

“Uuu, I’m so fuuull…”

“Are you alright? Have you got a stomach ache or is your fracture hurting?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Ah, I want to take a bath.”

“What’s wrong?”

“If I eat a lot, I end up sweating. And, I brought a new shampoo.”

It seemed like Shirley had left a shopping bag in the corner of the room.

It’s surprising that she has a girlish side like being picky about shampoo, Masaki thought.

Alice stood up.

“…It can’t be helped. I’ll assist you.”


“…Since you’re hurt, you’ll get special treatment. This is the only thing that can’t be left to Masaki-kun.”

Masaki shook his head furiously.

Of course, he couldn’t help her!

The cast covering Shirley’s left arm was waterproof, so she didn’t have to worry about if getting wet, but she wouldn’t be able to wash her right arm she couldn’t use her left arm. It was quite inconvenient.

If it was a hospital or old people’s home, there would be robots available that washed people’s bodies, but as one would expect, that couldn’t be arranged for just a few days.

At any rate, Masaki couldn’t help her out with her bath.

“Nihaha! I wouldn’t really mind!”

“I would.”

“…That kind of shamelessness isn’t permitted in this house.”

Masaki half-rose to his feet.

“Then, I’ll get ready to…”

“Eh!? I’ve been waiting for this for so long, I want to eat dinner too, Masaki!”

“…There’s still some curry left.”

“That’s right. If you made that much, wouldn’t it be troublesome for you to make dinner again once you get home!?”

“Eh, is it fine?”


“Actually, you don’t need to go back home! Why don’t you stay here?”

Masaki nodded with a bitter smile.

“For now, we can have dinner together. Ah, can I borrow your kitchen for a little longer? I brought the ingredients for a cake.”

“…You can use the kitchen as much as you like. I don’t use it unless I’m making tea.”

“You and Shirley don’t cook? All of the equipment looks new…”

“We always eat out or just get take out.”

“…Since Masaki-kun said that he was going to cook, I prepared the tools that seemed to be necessary.”

“That’s right, thanks!”

“…You’re, you’re exaggerating.”

Alice turned around.

“I didn’t imagine that you brought it for my sake. Thank you! Since you’ll be waiting for me to make a delicious cake, you can take a bath, and then you’ll be able to eat it once you’re finished.”


“…Please make some iced tea as well.”

“You want iced tea as soon as you get out of the bath!?”

“…There’s a Super Freezer.”

“Yo-you even have that.”

If he had that, it would probably be easy to make frozen desserts.

Alice and Shirley went to the bathroom.

“Now, what should I make…”

He had planned on making and had bought ingredients for a strawberry tart.

However, since he was making it himself, he had a high degree of freedom on how to do things like mixing up the flavor.

Since their stomachs might still be full, it’d be better if it was light rather than heavy so that it could be eaten quickly––

He suddenly noticed.

The shopping bag Shirley had planned on using was left in the corner of the room.

The paper bag was sealed and didn’t look like it had been opened. There was a translucent bottle inside it.

“Hmm, well, I should probably put it in front of the door, right?”

Alice and Shirley had switched from the rooms that they normally used, and there were now doors with the labels “RESTROOM” and “BATHROOM”.

It was quite convenient.

He placed the shopping bag in front of the door.

“Shirley, you forgot something! I left it in the corridor, so open the door in ten seconds––”

“Alright, Masaki! Thaanks!!”

The door opened.

Why did it open?

Even though I said to wait for 10 seconds––!?

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

Shirley was standing there, not even wearing underwear.

The appeal of her curves, her tight waist and her voluptuous thighs jumped right into his eyes.

The only thing covered was her left hand wrapped in the cast.

She was smiling.

FGnAS01 P277

It was a so-called happy-go-lucky smile.

Shirley probably wasn’t embarrassed by Masaki seeing her naked. The problem was the girl behind her.

Although a towel was hiding the important places…

Alice was a little further away in the bathroom and he saw her face go bright red once again.

Her thin, white body was as beautiful as always.

Her porcelain-like skin didn’t have the slightest blemish.


Once again, she screamed.

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  1. “I didn’t imagine that you brought it for my sake.”
    I think it should be “bought” since you can’t really “bring” a kitchen so easily.

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