Volume 2 Start + New Banner!

Hi everyone, I’m gonna start on Volume 2 now. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it done before Volume 3 is out (whenever that will be). We’ve also got a awesome new banner thanks to Liche (the latest slave in Nano’s empire).

Now please, go and enjoy the prologue 😉

P.S. There’s a discussion thread for Volume 2 on our new forums here: http://forums.nanodesutranslations.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=86&p=1022


Volume 1 Complete!

It’s been a bumpy ride, but Volume 1 is finally done! This couldn’t have been done without my editors Cthaeh and Daria, my ever-vigilant supervisor Whitesora and last but not least NanoDesu for being the imperial overlord of NanoDesu Translations XD I’d also like to thank my readers and the people that commented, I enjoy reading your comments.

I’ll be starting Volume 2 in a few weeks, when my exams are out of the way. For now, here’s the synopsis of the next volume:

It’s the height of summer in the floating academy city Canaan.

Masaki, Alice and Shirley are summoned to the headquarters of Breaker. There, Shirley is told by the chairman Suou that she’ll banned from using her Dialect because she broke the rules. Suou is well-known in the world of cake-making and is someone that Masaki had longed to meet. Around that time, Koori of the Supporters heard a certain rumour——that there was a cake that could make Dialect stronger.

Breaker will take action in order to check whether or not it’s true…! The curtain will be raised on the 2nd volume to the maximum level of the tea (Alice) and sweets (Shirley) superpower school battle!!


Chapter 5 Completed!

Sorry about the slow updates recently, uni has been eating up my time and I keep forgetting xD . The plan is to upload the epilogue and afterword within the next few days. If I don’t, then I probably forgot again o_o .



Chapter 4 Completed!

Chapter 5 is gonna be long~ ^^

Now that we’ve seen the Dialects of the three main characters in action, whose Dialect do you like the most:


P.S. Everytime I type “Star Blast”, I feel really tempted to write Starburst instead XD

Chapter 3 Completed – Is Masaki’s Dialect really useless…

Chapter 3 is finally completed! The next chapter won’t have so many parts ^^ and you guys can probably guess what’s going to happen~ This month, I’ll be uploading a new part every other day (the odd days), which might end up with my editors dying due to overwork  XD

On a more serious note, someone (goldenexp) alerted me to the fact that two pages were missing from Chapter 3, Part 6. I’ve added those pages to that part, so if you’ve already read it, please read it again. The missing part begins after the sentence “She looked like she was looking into the distance. Or you could say that she seemed absent-minded or half asleep.” I’m really sorry about this and will try not to let that happen again. Also, if you see anything amiss, don’t hesitate to tell me. I don’t bite…promise…(crosses fingers behind back) ^^

Poll time! If you have any ideas about any situation where Masaki’s Dialect could be used, post it as a comment. 😀


Chapter 2 Completed!

Chapter 2 is completed, coming up is Chapter 3~

…And the confrontation between Alice and Shirley~

Poll time!

Do you think it will be resolved peacefully?

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