Chapter 3 Completed – Is Masaki’s Dialect really useless…

Chapter 3 is finally completed! The next chapter won’t have so many parts ^^ and you guys can probably guess what’s going to happen~ This month, I’ll be uploading a new part every other day (the odd days), which might end up with my editors dying due to overwork  XD

On a more serious note, someone (goldenexp) alerted me to the fact that two pages were missing from Chapter 3, Part 6. I’ve added those pages to that part, so if you’ve already read it, please read it again. The missing part begins after the sentence “She looked like she was looking into the distance. Or you could say that she seemed absent-minded or half asleep.” I’m really sorry about this and will try not to let that happen again. Also, if you see anything amiss, don’t hesitate to tell me. I don’t bite…promise…(crosses fingers behind back) ^^

Poll time! If you have any ideas about any situation where Masaki’s Dialect could be used, post it as a comment. 😀


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7 thoughts on “Chapter 3 Completed – Is Masaki’s Dialect really useless…

  1. That Dialect is going to be ridiculously overpowered in a fight following classic pattern – when protagonist goes nuts and looses it, he is invincible, then girls cry, he comes back to being mildly useless and powers up Alice’s dialect as Wonderland for her Carnival. I mean it’s Unlimited Blade Works for god’s sake.

  2. I noticed that sometimes there’s “” written in the text.
    Chapter 1-4 and1-5 have it.

    Just wanted to ask what this is about?

      • Damn, seems like wordpress ate it up.
        It’s simply a less-than sign besides a greater-than sign without any text inside.

        This line in 1-4: “Cut! Sliced up! I’ll… raaah! Slice and tear him up!
        And this one in 1-5: “…We are the Breaker Team

        Thanks for checking.

          • Maybe single angle quotation marks would work?

            For example: ‹Help Cat›

            Just a suggestion.
            (If there are no quotes, wordpress doesn’t like this as well.)

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